Vorkommen von Alphastrahlung?

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Rauchdetektoren nutzen Americum-241 

Americium-241, an alpha emitter, is used in smoke detectors. The alpha particles ionize air in an open ion chamber and a small current flows through the ionized air. Smoke particles from fire that enter the chamber reduce the current, triggering the smoke detector's alarm. See Smoke Detector Ionization for details.

Alpha decay can provide a safe power source for radioisotope thermoelectric generators used for space probes[3] and were used for artificial heart pacemakers.[4] Alpha decay is much more easily shielded against than other forms of radioactive decay. Plutonium-238, for example, requires only 2.5 millimetres of lead shielding to protect against unwanted radiation.[citation needed]

Static eliminators typically use polonium-210, an alpha emitter, to ionize air, allowing the 'static cling' to dissipate more rapidly.

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