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**The United Kingdom [Great Britain ist ohne Nord Irland] was for a long time against the EU, because the EU ist too bureaucratic and too expensive for them. David Cameron promised the British, should they choose him, an election [Komma weg] whether Britain should remain a member of the EU or not. But leaving the EU is not immedatiely possible, it will take about 2 years thanks to the agreements the UK still has with the EU. Also there could be a second election, because lots of Britains were against the exit. The UK also was a reliable partner ["also" an den Anfang] for Germany, which is now missing. Germany now can be overruled.

Scotland would like to remain in the EU, most of the Scotts have voted

in favour of


["in the EU" weggelassen da es sich merkwürdig anhört]

. Scotland wants to make a


vote for

[ohne "an"]

independence. The Northern Irish could also get together with Ireland to stay in the EU. For this reason

the United Kingdom

might decay.

Economy will shrink. Duties must be paid.


Criteria for British people as for example holidays.

" Keine Ahnung was du mit diesem Satz sagen möchtest] The r

ules of


EU no longer apply for the British people. More than half of the imports and exports go from GB to other countries and come to GB from the EU

[meinst du hier in diesem Satz wieder "the UK" oder tatsächlich GB?]

. Germany is an important trading partner. Many companies

stay away


the UK

because they


want too much bureaucracy.

The b

ritish pound

's value is at it's lowest since 30 years



EU wants to continue the negotiations with

the UK,

so they stay in contact

, but

only under



[Dieser Satz war komplett unverständlich desswegen hier meine Version:] The European Parliament wants to make sure  other EU member countries won't feel encouraged by the UK's example and follow suite with their own "Brexits", so they will have to be hard on the UK in negotiations.

Taxpayers have to pay more.

The UK

is one of the most important countries in the EU, because they pay a very high contribution to the EU. But soon

the UK

will be out of the EU.


his means, in the future, Germany would have to pay up to 2.5 billion more to the EU. Therefor

Germany won't have the

money to

for example

refurbish swimming baths or schools.

Traveling to GB is made more difficult because of the new


. Footballers are affected by this because their contracts are adapted to EU standards. Erasmus**


Das warn so die Fehler die mir beim durchlesen aufgefallen sind. Kann sein das ich auch Fehler gemacht habe, also lieber nicht einfach kopieren. Wer Fehler in meinen Korrekturen findet, immer her damit.

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