vergleich englische und deutsche schulen

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In England, children start school at the age of 4. All children wear school uniforms. Usually school starts between 8.45 and 9.00 am. and finishes between 3.30 and 4.00pm. There are 3 school stages. Infants school for 3 years, junior school for 4 years and senior school for 5 years. Children  leave school at 16 unless of course they decide on further education (college or 6th form)  Schools are not split into groups like in Germany (real, haupt and gymnasium). Children have a tutor teacher; each class has approximately 30 to 35 pupils. The pupils (school children) are divided in to 3 groups. The group a child is in depends on his or her ability to learn. The groups are similar to the 3 groups in Germany (real, haupt and gymnasium). It is not possible to sit an extra year, or to skip a year.

A typical school day... 11 to 16 year olds...

8.45 am bell rings.. Pupils assemble in tutor class. Register it taken to control attendance.

8.55 am. Bell rings.. go to first lesson, duration.. 55 minutes.

20 minute break

2 more 55 minute lessons.

Midday break (dinner time). 90 minutes. School dinner or a packed lunch and play time.


2 more 55 minute lessons.

Home  time.

My school had up to 1300 pupils. 8 classes with approximately 32 children x 5 years. The school was divided in to 4 further groups. Each group represented by a colour, red, yellow, green and blue. If you were in the blue group then you had a blue tie, but all had the same school uniform.

hey;) im englischen heißt gymnasium: gramma school

ich wollt nur mal drauf aufmerksam machen;))


UK, USA o Australien ? Große Unterschiede zwischen denen

Meinst du Schulen in den USA oder UK? Oder Australien?

er hat doch geschrieben englische schulen und nicht australische oder amerikanische schulen. Es steht doch nicht englischsprachige schulen dort sonst koennte man noch irische schulen nigeranische schulen, neuseelaensische schulen und und und anhaengen


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