Verdünnen auf 50 ppm?

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Vielleicht hilft dir die Information weiter, dass 1g/L = 1000 ppm sind.


Transfer UBS Bank?

Hallo alle zusammen,

ich habe per Ebay Kleinanzeigen einen Artikel an jemanden verkauft mit der Adresse in Spanien.

Nun habe ich von der UBS Bank eine Email bekommen dass der Transfer bestätigt wurde und in der EMail stand:

NOTE The Transferred Amount will take up to 20-30 Minutes before your account can be credited After we have confirmed that you have shipped the item and you have sent us the shipment details,This is due to the banking system at UBS Bank. Also note that your account will not be credited until you contact us with the SHIPMENT RECEIPT AND TRACKING NUMBER to be sure that you are the right owner of the Money and that is not any form of money laundering, With this we will verify with the item description our Customer made us to believe the transfer is been made for.The Transferred Amount will not be credited into your account if we cannot verify that the Item has been shipped to the buyer from the Courier Service Used and confirming that the item on transit is what you have made us believe the transfer is meant for you. The Shipment Scan Details (RECEIPT) given to you by the post office and the TRACKING NUMBER must be sent to us in order to Protect Our Customer and Yourself from Fraud.Note: Your account will be credited immediately upon confirmation of the details required by us and our customer cannot CANCEL the transfer after you might have sent the tracking number to us due to our new Customer Protection Policy.

Da ich der englischen Sprache nicht ganz so mächtig bin, heißt das dass ich jetzt den Artikel versenden soll und die Sendungsdetails/Nummer an die Bank leiten soll und die mir dann erst das Geld überweisen? Gibt es sonst noch etwas zu beachten?

Danke und Liebe Grüße :)

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Ist meine Song analyse gut?

Unsere Analyse für die mündliche Prüfung muss so aussehen: 1. Describe the cartoon/picture, present the song, poem, story etc. and give information about its author/artist. 2. Analyse the item with regard to its meaning and message. (No item which has already been discussed in class). 3. Explain why it is generally regarded as being a symbol for America and whether it represents your opinion or not, include background knowledge about America/American Dream/etc.

Hier ist mein Versuch(Bitte nicht auf rechtschreibung achten nur vllt auf grammatik. Am besten den Inhalt korrigieren)

I'd like to present The patriotic song „God Bless the USA“ is written by Lee Greenwood and was released on May the 21th, 1984. The song has a length of 3 minutes and 9 seconds and deals with an unnamed man who sings about what he would do if he loseses everything he has and has to start again from scratch.

would start over in the USA because his freedom is guaranteed in the USA. remembers how others died to secure this freedom declares that if he is ever called upon to defend the USA today, he will gladly stand up and fight because he loves the country.

Lee Greenwood is a country music artist. Wrote in response to his feelings about the shooting down of Korean Air Lines Flight 007 wanted to write a song about America because he wanted America become more united. song is reflection of his pride to be American. He mentions four cities that are for him the corners of the USA

america is a land of freedom and boundless possubilities You have be (unreflective) patriotic and defend your country. American dream god bless the USA (god choosen and by the grace of god can reach anything)

America land of freedom. With lines like …. The song wants to reinforce unreflective patriotism. With lines like … he makes an allusion to american dream and that the dream tepeats god bless the usa. Which means that americans are choosen from god.

I think that this song can be generally regarded as a symbol for America because the message of the song is very identical with the ideals of america.
representation of the emotions of MAJORITY OF AMERICANS . America wants to be an land of freedom, with a freedom of speech, where you can pursue a dream regardless of your circumstanzas.

the song raised its popularity after terrorist attacks =>patriot act(Bereitstellung geeigneter Instrumente um Terrorismus aufzuhalten und zu blockieren) Widerspruch

unreflective patriotism to which Greenwood refers. We need the reflective type of patriotism that directs us to challenge the reckless military adventures to which our elected leaders send our young men and women

The song also contributes to the fetishizing of military service which exacerbates the divide between soldiers and civilians. Criticism of the military adventure attaches to a criticism of the citizen-soldier. War becomes a fact of life

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