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SIMPLE PRESENT List of actions in the present, simple facts true in the moment

I work here and I enjoy every day of it.

SIMPLE PAST……. List of actions from the past, simple facts true in the past

I worked here last year and I enjoyed every minute of it.

SIMPLE FUTURE.. List of actions for the future, simple facts true in the future

I will work here from next week, I hope I will enjoy it..

SIMPLE PRESENT PERFECT..List of actions from the past and still good, simple facts from the past true up to now.

I have worked here since 2001 and have enjoyed every day of it up to now (It may change)

PRESENT PROGRESSIVE- Processes taking place NOW

I am working at IBM.

PAST PROGRESSIVE.. Processes that took place in the past

I was working at IBM in 1995

FUTURE PROGRESSIVE---Processes that will take place in the future

I will be working at IBM all of the next month

PRESENT PERFECT PROGRESSIVE--processes that have taken place up to now having started in the past and we expect the process to continue

I have been working for IBM for a month so far…( It began in the past and it will continue for longer)

In one verb sentences in the Past, Future, Present Perfect you can often use either Simple or Progressive… Do you want to convey the fact or the process.

I worked yesterday (simple fact) or I was working yesterday (it took time and was a process)

I will fly to Italy tomorrow(simple fact) or I will be flying to Italy tomorrow (it will take time or will be a process)

I have worked for 30 years (simple fact) or I have been working for 30 years (it has taken time or has been a process that began in the past and is still continuing)

REMEMBER ==è “ING” links verbs

ING + ING shows parallel action

I was walking down the street singing = I did both parallel

I will be working while you are sunbathing

I am sitting in my chair watching television and eating sweets

ING + simple shows an action took place during a process

I was walking down the street and sang = while I walked I also sang but the walk took more time

I will be working in the garden when you arrive= in my process of working you will arrive

We link processes and lists

I knocked on the door, opened it, walked into the room, closed the door and looked around. I

saw the Smith family in their living room. Mrs Smith was sitting on the chair knitting a pair

of socks, Mr Smith was lying on the sofa sleeping, little Jimmy Smith was crawling on the

floor playing with his Lego. Mrs Smith looked up, saw me, smiled and said “Hello” I smiled,

waved to them, opened the door, left the room and closed the door behind me..

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