Unfortunately we were unable to process this request was hat da szu bedeuten?

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Das heißt, dass du nicht mit Paypal bezahlen kannst.

Habe vor 2 wochen auch mit PayPal gezahlt, es ist der Adidas Online-Shop da geht das


Du willst es wohl nicht verstehen. Bei Adyen geht es offensichtlich ja NICHT.


we are oder we were?

Hey. We are born to be real and not to be perfect oder we were?


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Hallo zusammen, ich habe folgendes Problem: Bei meinem Iphone 6 kommt ständig die Meldung "the itunes store is unable to process purchases at this time"?

Was kann ich tun?

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Was bedeutet das:the itunes store is unable to process purchases at this time?

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We were unable to deliver the parcel due to a query with the address?

Kann mir das jemand übersetzen? Wäre sehr nett!

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Kann jemand diesen Blog entry korrigieren?

Ich bedanke mich für eure Hilfe und hoffe, dass ihr mir Helfen könnt :

I'm finally back at home in Vienna after my two weeks of holidays I've spent with my family in Turkey. First, I´m going to talk about Sinop and after that, about Istanbul. We flew to Istanbul with a plane and we spend our night at our home there. At the next day, we got ready really fast and made our way to Sinop with our car. When we arrived in Sinop, I made my way to my relatives to greet you and spend the night with my friends on the beach and played poker. All Mornings we went to the beaches and we meet some friends. The weather was very hot every day and it has also rained a few times. We also visited the city a couple of times to see the sights. 

We spent eleven days in Sinop and then went back to Istanbul to visit the other relatives. When we were back in Istanbul it was rained two days and it was also very hot. We were often in the downtown to shop, like the big Pazar where there are many shops and you can negotiate there with the dealers. What I buy every year is raisins and sunflower seeds, because they taste very good and are fresh there. In Istanbul, we stayed for a total of three days and then flew back to Vienna.

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Beantragung Visum Australien "unable"?

Ich bin grade dabei, ein eVisitor Visum 651 für Australien zu beantragen Leider bekomme ich nach einigen Schritten (70%) immer folgende Fehlermeldung: ´´Departmental systems indicate that you are unable to make an application for an eVisitor. Please contact the nearest Office of this department.´´ Aber es findet sich nirgends eine Telefonnummer, wo ich anrufen kann. Ich fiel wieder auf 10% zurück.

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