uncharted 3: waffe aufheben

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

das ist in in der ersten mission so. Du kannst sie nicht aufheben :)

Ich versteh dein Poblem irgendwie nicht, Waffen hebt man mit Dreieck auf, wird doch auch angezeigt, wenn du auf der Waffe stehst.

Ja, genau das mache ich auch. Aber die Waffe bleibt am Boden liegen und die Komplizen sagen mir, dass ich meine jetzige Waffe behalten soll.


Was haltet ihr von den folgenden Aussagen?

1. Couples should be allowed to use genetic engineering to make sure that they have a healthy baby.
2. Insurance companies should be allowed to use genetic testing before giving someone health or life insurance.
3. Sports officials should be allowed to use genetic testing of Young athletes before supporting and sponsoring careers.
4. Scientists should be allowed to clone human embryos to grow organs for transplant operations.

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Hallo, ich habe eine Frage zu meinem Comment auf Englisch zum Thema Handys

Es wäre toll, wenn ihr es euch durchlesen und Lob , Kritik, Verbesserungsvorschläge und Rechtschreibfehler äußern würdet.

Mobile phones are a very important thing in our live. I believe it is very interesting to discuss this topic. Most of the people today have got a mobile phone. In this comment, I want to show you whether mobile phones are not really useful. Should we get rid of them?

First of all, mobile phones are very important today, ca. 90% of the inhabitants from Germany have got a mobile phone.. Many people can not live without them. At a mobile phone you have got many options. You can not only phone with somebody, like with telephones. There is for instance also an alarm clock, a phone book, a calendar,... . Also you can send messages to your friends and with most of them you can also take photos. Of course, that is really good, because without te mobile phone you will have to carry all of them seperately with you: a camera, an alarm clock,... . That will be much heavyer. But there are not only pros for mobile phones, there are also cons. Today, a few people depend on them. Many people spend a lot of time with them- too much time. As a consequence they have not got so much time for other things. Secondly, a mobile phone does not work at some places, when there is a funk hole. If you really depend on it, that will be a catastrophe for you. Another pro is, that you can take your mobile phone with you. That is really important.

To my mind, we should not get rid of mobile phones, because they are very important in our live. Of course, there also exists people who don´t use mobile phones, and thay can good live without them. But I think it iseverybodys own decision to use or do not use them. I think it is not good to depand on them, but to use them is helpful. In any case, mobile phones really are useful.

Vielen Dank schon mal für eure Antworten :) Viele Grüße!

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Realschule Klasse 10 Argumentation in Englisch. Verbesserunsvorschläge?

Wir schreiben morgen eine Arbeit und in dieser Arbeit kommt auch das Thema Argumentation vor. Unsere Lehrerin hat uns ein Thema gegeben an dem wir üben können. Es wär nett, wenn ihr mir Verbesserungsvorschläge geben könntet. Danke!

Should pupils be allowed to use the internet in every lession?

Nowadays, every pupil has a mobile phone with access to the internet. Mostly they use their mobile to access social sites like facebook and so on. But should it be allowed to use them every lesson?

To begin with , mobile phones with internet access could be useful in lessons. You could for example download an app for translation to learn better . You could find the translations oft he word in less than 30 seconds. That would be a good exchange for a translation book.

Furthermore you could use it as a information finder, for example if you dont unterstand something in the lesson, you can look yourself in the internet instead of asking the teacher. That would be very good because no one would disturb the lesson anymore.

At the other hand pupils could go on social sites and chat with their friends instead of learning or do research with their mobile phones. That wouldn’t be controllable because you can’t control every mobile before they fastly change the website.

Furthermore probably many pupils couldn’t concentrate at the lesson anymore because they could do what they want in the internet. They wouldn’t pay attention at the teacher and what he/she is teaching.

There are many positive and negative aspects about that topic. But I would say that it shouldn’t be allowed. It is good how it is now and it shouldn’t change.

Verbesserungsvorschläge bitte. Danke!

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Motor Rolle und Seil

Hello Guys, I need little help currently I am working on a Project that includes Motor Pulley and rope combination. The previous version of our Test bench was having a Motor pulley and rope and the rope was wrapped around the pulley as in most of the cases, but now I am trying to optimize it and want to have two wraps of rope around the pulley (as shown in the photo). The pulley will rotate with 70 km/h speed. I just need your suggestions what steps can I take to avoide the overlapping of rope during rotating and which angle should I use between the wraps to get optimium results. During the whole process of rotating the rope will be under tension. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thankx in advance.​​​​​​​​ Ihr konnte auch auf deutsch antworten. Gruß

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Kann man bei Softair Waffen die Drosselung aufheben/entfernen?

Ich habe mir eine Softair ausgesucht bei einem shop, aber sie hat nur 0.5 Jule und ich habe irgendwo gelesen das sie dann gedrosselt ist. Kann man dann diese Drosselung entfernen, so dass die Waffe dann stärker ist ?

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Englisch Bewerbungsschreiben

Hey Leute, ich schreibe morgen eine Arbeit in Englisch und wollte mal wissen was ihr von der Bewerbung haltet, was ich verbessern sollte,usw.

Das ist frei erfunden was die Adressen usw angeht.

                                                       March 5, 2014

Max Muster Musterstraße 44 12345 Musterhausen Tel.: 01234/56789 Email: musterMax@abc.co.uk

Jennifer O`Rourke Automotive Services Ltd 103 Selsdown Drive London E14 9LA UK(United Kingdom)

Dear Ms Jennifer O´Rourke,

Application for a bilingual assistant

I saw your advertisement for a bilingual assistant on the website of www.unitedKINGdom.co.uk and I should like to apply for this position.

From 2004 to 2009 I attended Mustergesamtschule in Musterhausen comparable to comprehensive school, where I obtained my A-Levels. I successfully did a traineeship for a secretary with the company MusterBoat GmbH, which is a small and modern company that produce boats and export them.

Since 2009 I have been working with MusterBoat GmbH as the secretary. During my traineeship with MusterBoat GmbH I gained experience in talking English or German with customers and running a busy office. This traineeship gave me considerable skills which I want to use and improve for the position advertised.

I have a good command of English. I had nearly 8 years of English at school and I have also done a special examination for commercial professions. After completing my traineeship I was able to improve my command of English by speaking directly to the customers. I also have had French for 5 years in school, that gives me the opportunity that I´m able to speak the three languages, needed for the bilingual assistant.

I enclose my CV and certified translations of my certificates. I should be pleased to provide names of the referees if required.

I should be grateful if you would consider my application. I would very much enjoy the challenge of working for a company in London.

Yours sincerely

Max Muster


Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir ein paar konstruktive Antworten liefern.

MfG Cataracs

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