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Dear Mr/ Mrs,

I tried to reach you but unfortunately it wasn't possible, therefore I'm writing this E-Mail. On the website "Mustermann", the Landing pages need a seperate menu item called "Info" or "Find out more".  This menu item should have the Landing Pages as sub-items. If you click on them you're redirected to a page with text according to the Landing pages.

Because of legal reasons we're not allowed to deploy the Landing Pages themselves. As soons as they're online I will set the internal links. For this process we'll need the login data to access the website.

So in etwa. Angaben ohne Gewehr. Hatte läbnger kein englisch mehr also kann sein dass ein paar fehler drin sind

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Kommentar von MrG0ku
08.09.2016, 12:31

Super Danke :) klingt aber spitzen mäßig:)


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