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"sobald ich mein Geld zurück habe" da kannste aber lange drauf warten ;-)

ugeschmiert 28.01.2013, 21:40

schaun wir mal


Meine Frage ist was ist jetzt am besten machen soll.

Tommy Teleshopping are THIEVES. I ordered 89 Euros worth of products and to this day it never came. My order was middle of January 2013. When i called them, they refused to refund me my money. I had to file a claim with Visa in order to get my money back. DONT BUY FROM TELESHOPPING, these are not real companies. They are individuals and can be as far away as Africa or Asia. They advertise on TV and its only time they buy. Anybody can buy TV time. These people are CRIMINALS.

Was ist den überhaupt die Frage?

ugeschmiert 28.01.2013, 22:52

Was ich jetzt konkret machen soll.


Was möchtest Du wissen?