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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

Ist richtig. Hier ist "by" richtig.

Probier mal

  • "by" mit dem deutschen "durch" zu ersetzen

It is forbidden by law.

He was accompanied by my sister.

  • "through" mit dem "hindurch" zu ersetzen

I can see through you.

I went through the forest.


So als Grobregel koennte das hinhauen. :-)

hmm.. ja .. des taucht in einem text vom einem SChulbuch auf.. zweimal sogar.. wahrschienlich war der autor deutscher;). lg

Wann benutze ich "by" - "from" und "at"

Diese kleineren wörter bringen mich immer durcheinander !

"he is in the school" wäre doch logisch? Warum sagt man aber "he is at school" ??

Oder warum steht auf bildern z.b

by robert - warum nicht = from robert?

By heißt ya = bei ?

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Was ist der Unterschied zwischen einem Helden und einem Idol?

Sind Helden Idole oder Idole Helden? Sind beide austauschbar?

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Bitte um Bessere Übersetzen vom Englischen ins Deutsche?

Was heißt der Englische Text hier auf Deutsch.

Ich weiß nur das es was mit Paragraph Nummer 162 zutun hat und das es um ein verbrechen geht Diebstahl und wenn das 20 Jahre lang nicht aufgeklärt wurden ist dürfen die Diebe es behalten. Genau das steht da unten nur mit mehr Details und besseres Deutsch. Bitte um bessere Übersetzung

Paragraph number 162 the specified duration in acquiring the title of a propery by law. For 20 years, if one has been holding a property without conflict and known by the public. Then he or she can aquire the right to take possession of the property.

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Englisch Referat über Royal Flying doctors

Ich weiß, dass es viel Text ist, aber ich hoffe, dass mir trotzdem jemand hilft...ich weiß nicht ob die Texte gut sind...und Fehler sind wahrscheinlich auch massenhaft drin...aber trotzdem danke...für jede Hilfe...

Way of Working:

The Rdfs owns circa 60 planes on 21 locations with more than 1000 staff. Calls are answered in the control center via telephone or radio and then taken to require a doctor for medical advice connected.The radio is 24 hours every day around the clock for emergency preparedness inement for failure of the telephone. If the RFDS flights performs is only needed a doctor on board.Many flights are accompained by nurses.Often drugs or blood products only with no medical personnel transported. Besides these, the RFDS stationed boxes with drugs on many remote locations and isolated farms


The cost of the RFDS are financed by federal grants of the government and the Norhtern Territory.The cost for the equipment and medical devices must pay the service itself. Therefore, it is very dependent on donations and other activities such as e.g. the visitors center in Alice Springs.Besides these, it generates revenue through reimbursement of costs for medical services by insurance or patient.

Service Area:

The RFDS looks after almost all low settles places in Australia. They serve a zone out of 7.15 millions sqare kiolmeters, this is two-thirds of the total area of Australia. Alone the base in Alice Springs is for a zone of 1,25 million sqare kilometers responsible, in this almost 16. 000 people live. 90 percent of them are Aboriginie. Within 2 hours the RFDS can give medical attention to any person in Australia.

Alice Springs:

The base in Alice Springs is the most famous station. The station is very popular for turists because the can visit it.

Und noch etwas zu der Geschichte wo ich mir nicht sicher bin:

1934 the Australian Aerial Medical Service was founded and opend bases in whole Australia. 1942 the name was changed in Flying doctor service and 1955 with the agreement of the English crown, in Royal Flying Doctor Service. Step by step the RFDS got their own planes and was now independent of the regional airlines, which the planes until then provided.

Danke, schonmal vorträglich!!!

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Englisch: Unterschied von reject und refuse?

Hallo, wo genau ist der Unterschied zwischen den Wörter reject und refuse? Beide bedeuten doch ablehnen..


Danke im voraus.

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Hilfe bei Übersetzung/ Korrektur?

Hallo, danke das sie sich Zeit nehmen. Kann mir einer meinen Text in gutes Englisch verbessern ?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

What is skynet? It's a new mass surveillance technology in China. It is a way for the government to monitor the population at any time on any day. But does total surveillance not affect the population negatively? The fact is that mass surveillance greatly influences and restricts people's privacy.

 Does surveillance have a positive impact on people's behavior? Does it make humans automatsch better? Total surveillance limits the lifestyle of the individual human. In public, man must behave as the state dictates. He has to cut back on his own needs in order to seize the same opportunities as other sections of the population. If he does not, he has to reckon with restrictions in social and professional life by the state. In Xingiung, who are pioneers of total mass surveillance, there is a social credit score that spikes people's behavior and places them in a ranking. If one does not behave according to the guidelines and rules, one falls down in the ranking. This inferior rank can cause disadvantages in job application, job, home and credit. In the long run, it does not make a person better, because as a person you need a break to have time for yourself.

Furthermore, mass surveillance affects the human psyche. Constant surveillance puts pressure on the people by the state, as it always has to behave according to the guidelines. This results in fear of failure. Other psychological consequences are behavioral disorders that build on the fear of failure. People become more unhappy and their potential for aggression increases. Man becomes a ticking time bomb to the state, because they can exercise their aggression in a dangerous way. Through constant monitoring, bad mental illnesses, such as paranoia, develop. Normally, people behave individually and do not have to pretend. Through constant surveillance, he is forced by the state to behave differently or against his will. Therefore, the individuality of individual citizens is limited. Man has a right to the free decision that is limited by it. As a result, the loyalty and acceptance of the state is called into question. So an oppositional opinion is formed against the state, which does not make the citizen a better person.

In conclusion we conclude that state mass surveillance only makes man as an individual better in a short time: In the long run, this system is in a dead end, because it has many physical and mental, as well as social negative consequences for humans in the long run.

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