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Is the wisdom we bargain through school still relevant today?

The first things we get taught at school is reading, writing, speaking, and math. However, all that can be easily taught by our parents.

The higher the income of our family is, the more likely is the highness of good education. That means, people living in property, even though the school was designed for them, do not gain enough wisdom to get out of their poverty. According to a study, a family has to live through 5 generations to get barely out of poverty.

The PISA study ranks us at spot 18 out of 76, which means, compared to other countries, our education is above-average, but still not the best, which is, when you consider that school should teach you the bare minimum to not get into bad work conditions, horrible.

Melania Trump wird gemobbt.

Keith Jarrett ist der beste Musiker ever.

Kitten sind niedlicher als Puppies.

Weihnanchtsgeschenke sind ueberfluessig.

Android ist besser als iOS.

Brauchst du noch ein paar..?

Naja, ich meinte eher sowas wie Organspende ja oder nein oder so aber das hat leider schon meine Freundin ;) Also es sollte weniger subjektiv sein sondern gut begründbar. Aber trotzdem danke


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