The present perfect with adverbs of indefinite time!

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Adverbs of indefinite time: zwischen die beiden Teile des Present Perfect:

  • On 17 March 2010 "I've never been to New York" , the hit musical with 20 songs by Udo Jürgens, celebrated its premiere in Vienna's Raimund Theater
  • "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" is a song written by John Fogerty which released in 1970 on the album Pendulum by roots rock group Creedence Clearwater
  • "We Have Always Lived in the Castle" is the final novel by Shirley Jackson, published in 1962, three years before her death in 1965,
  • Democrats have often spoken poorly of Republicans..
  • The energy crisis has not yet overwhelmed us, but it will if we do not act quickly (Jimmy Carter).
  • Something new has just arrived at Knock airport. It's called security,
  • We have** often** had a wet Christmas instead of a white one.
  • How often have you had a wet Christmas instead of a white one?


du sollst kein Präteritum bilden, wenn diese Wörter kommen. Mach den Satz mit Perfekt-Gebrauch. He has never seen him. schau mal die Grammtik aus dem Klett Verlag die ist gut.

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