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wenn er nicht nur klug scheint sondern auch ist, wird er dir deinen brief nicht in rot korrigiert zurück schicken sondern vielleicht denken, da hat sich jemand mühe gegeben es so gut wie möglich zu schreiben.......da überliest man schon das eine oder andere......ich hatte vor einiger zeit einen brieffreund in japan wir haben eine mischung aus deutsch, englisch und japanisch geschrieben......mach dir da nicht so viele gedanken er wird sich freuen von dir post zu bekommen ;)

Hallo Sonja,

der text ist soweit okay. Ich würde Zwei Dinge anders ausdrücken. Das betrifft die beiden Textzeilen.

gerne neue Leute

einmal in meinem Leben in die Staaten gehen!

Ich habe dir mal eine Korrektur geschickt.

I am sure that you would like Switzerland. It is a little country but the mountains are really excellent. You can hike to wonderful places in summer and you can go ski driving in winter. I live in a little village. It is very peaceful and quiet here. If it is on Sunday and nobody must work, you can open a window and you just hear the birds singing. A big place is everything to fall off and get away of him. But it often is boring here, too. I think that you cannot go really to shop in my village. There are no parties or something like this. If I want to meet new people or go to a disco, I must travel to the next town...

I think that Japanese or Chinese is too complicated... I am happy if I can speak Italian and Spanish: )

I would like to go to the states but my parents do not want to travel to America because it is too far gone. I must wait until I am 18. I then can go with some friends. I am sure that I go at least in my life to the states once!

My hobbies? I enjoy that it also reads and writes. But my preferential hobby plays the guitar. I play it since I am 10 years old. I travel with pleasure, learn languages and meet new also with pleasure new people.

I listen to skirt and pop. I really like Greenday and sunrise Avenue. Do you listen what?

I wanted always to go in New York town. It is very famous and I saw beautiful pictures of this. My best friend is in the states now. She was in Washington D.C. and in San Francisco. She goes to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York in some weeks. I am on her: P jealous

Do not be interested that I am not bored. Your life sounds very interesting and I hope to read more about this: )

What is the weather like there? It was rather hot last week here but it is raining at the moment...

I wish you a nice Sunday and I wait for your next post!

Sonja: )

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