Text englisch State/Activiy verbs Fehlertext?

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I am not thinking that my friends want me to be with them any longer. Do they meet tonight without me? They all said that they are busy with Homework but I am having a feeling that they do something about the cinema. I am not meaning that they are wanting to hurt me, but right now they act strangely towards me. Look, there they are, putting their heads together in deep conversation. Do they talk about me? I am betting that they make fun of my clothes because they keep turning their heads towards me. I guess they hating me. Huh? What´s that? Alex is waving! It's looking as if he's waving at me. am I understanding this correctly? Yes, now he clearly calls me over.

Schon wieder ein Arbeitsauftrag für die Englisch-Hausaufgaben.

Die sind hier aber nach den Richtlinien gar nicht zulässig.

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