Sunrise Avenue Zitate

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

-Welcome To My life, YOU See it is not easy but i'm doing all right. (Welcome to my life) - I'm forever yours (forever yours) -let me dream like a Child (dream like a Child) -Choose to be me, to be free to be my way (Choose to be me) -how dare you Brake my lonely heart. And dance in the pieces (not again) - say Nothing is over (Nothing is over) - please somebody help me (somebody help me) -hey little Fighter, soon it will be brighter (stormy end) - i don't need another umbrella, i'm already wet from Head to toe (stormy End) - No matter what they say, i'm Finding my own Way, i'm writing my own Tale. And I will survive (No matter what they say- follow your instinct feat. Samu haber)

~was suchst du denn so für Zitate? Romantische, traurige, lustige,...?~ Lg, Majulie

Danke:) die Zitate sind echt toll -


Gerne 💜 ︝danke für den Stern


There's nothing we cant reach, cause nothing is over



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