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The short story, “Just Along for the Ride”, written by Dennis Kurumada and published in the year 1972, is about five teenagers, who are bored and want to have some fun. They accidently hit a friend called Ken Benjamin with their car.

The teenagers cruise a little in their car and get bored very soon. They see a guy on the street. To have some fun, they crash into him with the car. But the joke gets out of control (kein Komma), and they crash him badly. They try to escape driving faster and faster, but a Volvo behind them also does and follows/chases them. Dick takes everyone home. The protagonist goes into his kitchen thinking about the crash all the time. He turns on the radio and listens to some music, but as soon as the news starts he turns it off. Random voices enter his head, which want him to talk to Ken’s mum. Dick rings the bell (Zusammenhang fehlt) and tells everyone (kein Komma) that he had just heard the news saying Ken wasn't dead, not even badly hurt. He gets into the car and drives up to Ken’s house. The lights are shining, he gets up and rings the doorbell.

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...story, “Just Along..

das Komma kann raus

To make it a little funnier, they crash him with the car

Ich dachte es war aus Versehen. Crash klingt, als hätten sie von vorneherein die ABsicht ihn zu verletzen.

Was am Schluss passiert versteht man anhand deiner Beschreibung nicht.

does and chases them. Dick drives everyone home (was passiert denn dazwischen mit dem verfolgerauto???) voices enters his head, which (rechtschreibfehler)

Danke schööööööön :))

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