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Da ich die Geschichte nicht kenne, kann ich zum Inhalt nicht viel sagen.

Ich versuche jetzt auf die Schnelle ein paar sprachliche Fehler zu verbessern. (Ohne Garantie auf Vollständigkeit.)

The text "The trouble with mother" published in the magazine 'Jackie', June 15, 1991 tells the story of a girl who lives with her strict parents. At the beginning of his text the author explains the girl's problem: her mother is very strict. The girl and her older sister are only allowed to go out if their mother knows where they are and who they are seeing. Suzanne, the older sister, moves out because she wants to live with her boyfriend. Therefore, the mother is even stricter than before and the younger sister has to live with the aftermaths of her sister's leaving the house. In the next part of the text the author describes the feelings of the younger daughter. She can't help feeling somewhat jealous because her sister is out of her mother's control. We are told that it seems like the mother has lost trust in her daughter completely because she controls her stricter than ever before. Eventually, the daughter tells her mum that she wants to go do a disco in the evening, tells her where it is, with whom she is going out and when she comes back. The mother accepts that.

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