Süße englische Freundschaftssprüche!

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  • "There will never be another you."
  • "Friends forever and one day. We're together, come what may. And in good times, and in bad times... always and ever again!"
  • "All for one and one for all. We stand united, we stand tall."
  • "Sometimes in life, whenn all hope is gone and you feel like you're on your own, a friend comes along and makes you realise that everything's okay."
  • "We stand united and there's no reason to say goodbye. No no for fighting. There's only us, not you and I."

Falls dich das auch interessiert, hätte ich auch noch ein paar Lieder für dich (aus denen stammen auch die meisten der oben genannten Zitate):

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  • beFour: "We Stand United"
  • beFour: "All 4 One"
  • beFour: "Friends 4 Ever"

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