Suche traurige,süße und lustige sprüche von Damon auf Englisch!?

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Sorry to spoil your seven minutes in heaven. We have a problem.

You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger... I want you to get everything you're looking for. But for right now, I want you to forget that this happened. Can't have people knowing I'm in town yet. Goodnight, Elena.

Elena: Why don't you ever let anyone see the good in you? Damon: When people see good they expect good. And I don't wanna live up to anyone's expectations.

Damon zu Jeremy: Didn't you find it weird that you made a friend so fast? Have you met you?

Damon: Own it. Live it. Love it. Stop being ashamed of who you are.

Damon: Why do you look like someone just show a panda bear?

Klaus: My sister has gone missing. Damon: Cute. Blonde bombshell. Psycho. Shouldn't be too hard to find.

Damon: If I'm gonna feel guilty about something, I'm gonna feel guilty about this. [KISSES ELENA]

Damon: I can't drink all this by myself. I mean, I can. But then someone is getting naked.

Damon: I'd offer you a drink, but Katherine tells me you're more of a vampire-on-the-rocks kind of guy.

Damon: You know Stefan. Journaling. Reading. Shaping his hair.

Damon zu Elena: I promise you. I will never leave you again.

Damon: Stefan was a cocky Ripper douche, but I could avoid him and still indulge in a few Daisy Buchanans of my own.

Damon: It came to me in a dream. I was naked. You would have loved it.

Damon zu Elena: When I drag my brother back from the edge and deliver him back to you, I want you to remember the things you felt when he was gone.

Damon zu Elena: I know you love Stefan. And it will always be Stefan. But I love you. You should know that..

Damon zu Elena: I will always choose you.

Damon: You should have met me in 1864. You'd have liked me. Elena: I like you now. Just the way you are.

Damon: I made a lot of choices that have gotten me here. I deserve to die.

Damon: And you're going to die, Elena. Elena: And then I'll come back to life. Damon: That is not a risk I am willing to take. Elena: But I am. It's my life, Damon. My choice. Damon: I can't lose you. Elena: You won't.

Damon: Wow, I'd love to lend you a hand, but, you know, you wouldn't want me doing anything stupid. Stefan: You're seriously gonna be like this? Damon: You and your girlfriend are calling the shots. I'm just... backing off, Stefan.

Damon: You should be thankful she’s here. She’s keeping me from going for what I really want. Stefan: You’re right. Thank you for being in love with my girlfriend.

Damon: I get you out of here and your ass is sipping Klaus-free margaritas in some unknown island somewhere, no way.

Andie: So why can't you have her? She's with another man I assume. Damon: Yeah, but that's not the point. The point it, I'm in love with her. It's driving me crazy. I'm out of control.

Andie: Why do you kill people? Damon: Because I like it. It's in my nature too. It's who I am. But then I have to stay together to protect her and she wants me to be the better man which means I can't be who I am. Do you see the problem I'm having, Andie?

Elena: Do you think this is funny? Damon: Yes, Elena, I find hilarity in the lengths I need to go to to save your life

Damon: I need to say it once. You need to hear it. I love you, Elena.

Damon: Can we not do the whole road trip bonding thing? The cliche of it all makes me itch.

Damon: I look at you and I see myself. A less dashing, less intelligent version.

Mason: I've heard a lot of great things about you. Damon: Really? That's weird because I'm a dick.

Damon zu Stefan: Are you worried that all the forest animals will band together and fight back? After all, they talk.

Damon zu Elena: Somewhere along the way, you decided I was worth saving. I wanted to thank you for that.

Damon: I'm not a hero, Elena. I don't do good. It's not in me.

Damon: Life sucks either way, Jeremy. At least if you're a vampire, you don't have to feel bad about it if you don't want to.

Damon: Stefan is different. He wants to be human. He wants to feel every episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Damon: No, Stefan, thank you. You're back on Bambi blood, and I'm the big bad-ass brother again. All is right in the world.

Damon: Stefan likes puppy blood... little Golden Retriever blood with floppy ears. That's his favorite.

Damon: Today has been a no-good, very-bad day.

You seem awfully chipper lately. Less doom and gloom. More pep in your step.

Have I entered an alternate universe where Stefan is fun?

You're not the worst company in the world, Elena.

No,Elena, I will not go to your bedroom with you.

Damon:I just have to say it once, you just need to hear it. I love you, Elena. And it's because I love you that I can't be selfish with you...and why you can't know this. I don't deserve you. But my brother does. (Damon kisses her forehead) God, I wish you didn't have to forget this. But you do.

Also süß finde ich ja was er zu Stefan in 3x16 sagt!

Stefan: i don't need you help!
Damon: Are you kidding me? Do you remember what happened the last time you said that? Stefan: What are you talking about? Damon: 1912, Stefan. The last time I convinced you to drink human blood! ..... I let you walk away . i watched you go over the edge and i didn't do anything to stop you! Stefan: you couldn't have! Damon: Sure I could have! i just didn't want to. But I want to now. .. and whenever you go too far I will there to pull you back . Every second - Every day - till you don't need me! Stefan: why? Damon: Because right now, you're all I got!

hab soooooo geheult bei der Szene! ='(

witzig? Naja da gibts viele .. zum Beispiel :

Nice .. Have you been eating bunnys?

Oder wie er stefan nachmacht: Dear diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today. I told him it was Joe .. That lie will haunt me forever!

Oder wo er reinplatz als stefan und elena im Bett liegen sagt er: if i see something i haven't seen before i throw a doller at it!

und es gibt noch unendlich mehr davon.. hoffe ich konnte dir helfen! ;D

ja :D Seine sprüche sind einfach die besten♥


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wo kriegt man sprüche von damon aus the vampire diaries her?

ich suche so ein paar coole sprüche oder zitate von damon salvatore aus the vampire diaries.kennt ihr ne seite wo ich die herkrieg?oder könnt ihr mir welche schreiben? danke:)

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Vampire Diaries - Hat Damon sich gut oder schlecht verändert)

Ich finde, dass Damon immer richtig coole Sprüche drauf hatte, aber seit der 4 Staffel ist er zu sehr wie Stefan geworden, und viel zu "brav" (vwahrscheinlich wegen Elena). Ich habe die 1-3 Staffel auf Deutsch geguckt und die 4 und 5 auf Englisch also kann es sein, dass ich englische Sprüche nicht richtig mitbekommen habe... Ich wollte euch mal fragen ob ihr auch findet, dass Damon nicht mehr so lustig und gut drauf ist wie früher? Und findet ihr ihn so wie er jetzt ist besser, oder wie er in den ersten Staffeln war?

Ich fand ihn viiiel besser als er auch noch gegen Steffan, usw. war.

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Lustige Sprüche ins Nett stellen?

Ich habe einen Spruch von meiner Mutter, den ich gerne ins Internet stellen möchte. So wenn man z.B bei Google lustige Sprüche liest, die in einem Kästchen mitgeteilt werden.

was benötige ich dafür?

danke dir schonmal!

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Schöne Sprüche?(Süße,traurige,liebeusw.)

Suche Sprüche siehe oben!

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