suche songzitate von skillet, rise against, three days grace, nightwish usw. (:

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we are the children you reject and disregard;

you never find us kneeling or swallowing your lies;

whatever path you take, wherever you may go, whenever you decide to leave i'll follow, i'll fall;

Do you see the world in different colours? Or do you see the world in black and white? Alone in your thoughts how many others have stood where you stand where you stand today?

all gave some, some gave all, but for what, i want to know..

you have to cross the line, just to remember where it lays, you won't know your worth now, son, until you take a hit, and you won't find a beat until you lose yourself in it

you'll never learn to fly, now, til you're standing at the cliff, and you can't truly love until you've given up on it.

- Alle Songzitate von Rise Against, die meisten aus dem Album Endgame

es gibt noch viiiele mehr, die ich schön finde, aber ich weiß ja nicht, wofür du die Zitate brauchst, also weiß ich auch nicht, wie sie so ca. sein sollten (über Liebe/Protest/Politik/sonstwas) (: xxx

uh, das ist jetzt sau unübersichtlich geworden, sorry.x.x


I hate everything about you - why do I love you? Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You

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