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Some poeple are saying that boot camps in the USA are a good idea. Do you think a boot camp would be a good idea in Germany?
Many poeple are saying that boot camps are very good because they help troublemakers to learn discipline and when they learn discipline, the crime rate will go down. Besides troublemakers would think more before acting like example grafitti. (Hier weiß ich nicht was du meinst.) They are also saying that many troublemakers are reducing the number for example in schools because the lessons in the schools will be more quiet and therefore the students are able to learn better.
However troublemakers would be damaged like example psychologically.Another argument against it is the extra cost for example uniforms.They are also saying that it doesn't change poeple because they're still the same when they come out example they are angry because of punishments.
After I looked at both sides, I think that boot camps shouldn't be introduced in Germany.The advantages are very good,but the disadvantages are terrible.

Hab geguckt, dass die Grammatik einigermaßen stimmt. Aber manche Sätze ergeben einfach keinen Sinn, keine Ahnung was du da sagen willst.

Danke :D Mit dem Satz denn sie nicht verstehen wollte ich sagen das Straftäter mehr überlegen bevor sie reagieren z.B beim Grafitty sprühen.


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