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Stephen King was born on the 21st of September in 1947. He is an American writer whose work has Bern sold over 350 000 times. mostly he has written horror books, si fi stories or fantasy novels. Personal life: Stephen King was Porn in 1947 in Portland, Main. In his childhood he has moved to many other states, but kater on, in 1973 he moved back to Maine because of hi mmother’s falling health and after her death in 1974 he moved back to colorado, tough he kept his primary residence in Maine since 1977. King had a big problem with alcohol, which is responsible fort he fact that he can barely remind writing cujo. However, since the late 80’s he is sober. King has three children, of whom two are writers too. He also has four grandchildren. Stephen king really enjoys basketball, in particular he supports the red socks and also mentions them in his novels. In 1999 he had a horrible accident, due to the injuries that were caused he had to stay in hospital for about three weeks. Three years later Stephen King announced he would stop writing, apparently motivated in part by frustration of his diseases that made sitting uncomfortable.
Writing style: His writing style is very unique. He probably gets inspiration for his darker works from an accident, even though he has no memories of what had happened to him. His novels are written very detailed and some/many parts are quite shocking fort he readeres
The Dark Tower…Furthermore, Stephen King said that he was affected by the lord of the rings… in writing the novel. The dark tower includes muliple genres like science fantasy, horror and western. The story is about the Grunslinger Rolandl who hast o recht he Dark tower before the dark tower collapses and the whole world dissapears. In addition tot he eight …..Stephen King calls the dark tower his most important work.
Early career: SK displayed an interest in horror quite early. He hast started writing in school ….His first professional short story ‚The…‘ has been sold in 1967, and 1974 was the year when his first novel ‚carry‘ has been published, which was the novel that made him

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