Songs wie "i was here" von beyoncè?

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Alica Keys: Empire state of mind: Adele: Chasting Pavements; Alanis Morisette: Head over feet, Amy Whinehouse: Our day will come, Aura Dione: In love with the world, Beyoncé: Listen, Blue: Hurt lovers, Brian McFadden: Real to me, Bruno Mars: It will rain, Cardian Move, Running in you mind, Chester See: God damm you´re beautiful, Colbie Caillat: The litte things, Dashboard Confessional feat Eva: Stolen, Jordin Spark: No air, Katie Melua: If the lights go out, Lana del Ray: Dark Paradise, Leona Lewis: Run, Lionel Richie: I´m coming home, Nick Howard: Unbreakable, Pink: Try, Roger Moore:Thank you, Sheryl Crow: Good is good/ Söhne Mannheims: Gesucht und gefunden, Ten Sharp: You, Train: Marry me

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