Songs oder Künstler mit guten Texten?

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TODD RUNDGREN wird in M.C.Strongs "Rock Discographie" phenomenal pensmith bescheinigt. Sein für mich am meisten beeindruckender Song ist

"Change Myself"

Half of me wants to knock you out
Half of me wants to tell you that I'm sorry, so sorry
Meanwhile, half of the world wants to scream and
Shout at half of the world

Just like you and I
Just another fact of life
We plan and we scheme
'Til there's nothing left of our little dream

But half of the time I can't decide and
Half of the time I'm petrified
I want to change the world
I want to make it well

How can I change the world
When I can't change myself
Try again tomorrow
I'd love to change your mind

Capture your citadel
How could I change your mind
If I can't change myself
Try again tomorrow

Both of us want to win this fight
Both of us think the other is mistaken, so mistaken
Meanwhile, everyone wants to take up sides
So everyone helps us to fall apart

Just another fact of life
It's hard to play fair
And it's so easy to pretend to care
But if nobody wants to share the blame

Then everyone gets more of the same
If I want more peace in the world
Then I must make peace with myself
If I want more trust in the world

Then I've got to trust in myself
If I want more love in the world
I must show more love to myself

Da kenn ich hunderte.
Hier mal ne Auswahl

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Danke für die Auswahl ... ich werde es mir anschauen ;)


Ok, bitte:)


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