Sometimes they may also gel forced by peer pressure to wear the right clothes or own the Most trendy Gadgets .? Was heist das?

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Manchmal können sie auch durch Gruppendruck gezwungen werden, die richtigen Kleider zu tragen oder die angesagtesten Spielerein zu besitzen.

trendy = was gerade "in" ist

Knuffel, das gel mit get austauschen dann macht's Sinn. Ist eigentlich leicht. most und gadgets wird klein geschrieben. Gadgets sind gizmos.

Ist das so richtig Referat englisch ?

About like to do a short presentation about Titanic. The Titanic was the largest passenger ship in the world and was known as the unsinkable. The Titanic was 269 m long and there were 2,650 passengers on board. In 1903, the White Star Line in the construction of two new passenger ships. The Titanic should be greater than the Lusitania the Cunard Line. On 31. May 1911 came the ship of the water stack running means that. The Royal Mail ship Titanic that was the whole name of the Titanic is translated as the Royal Mail Ship and expired on 10. April 1912 with the aim of New York . On 14. April 1912 at 23:40 rammed the Titanic a huge iceberg. This created a large hole in the ship. The Titanic began filling with water at 2:40 , 3 hours after the ship in the iceberg drove the Titanic went under. It could only 700 people from 2207 will be saved because you have too little rescue boats had. Most of the rescued comb from the 1 class. I have this theme chosen , because the history of the Titanic has long been of interest me. Those who know more about the Titanic wants to learn the movie can be Titanic over 3 hours is watching. Thanks for listening.

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Erörterung englisch überprüfen

hallo :) ich habe eine Erörterung zum Thema Schuluniformen für den englisch unterricht geschrieben, wäre cool wenn ihr mir Tipps zur Grammatik und vielleicht auch Ergänzungen sagen könntet. hier ist sie:

This comment will be about school uniforms. in the USA for example there are schools where you have to wear school uniforms and in germany you dont have to wear them. now the question is if we should introduce school uniforms in germany?

On the one hand school uniforms are very good. when everyone wears the same, nobody can say things because of their look like. so there is less bullying at school. nobody recognize if someone is poor or rich and it's easier for poorer people to find friends. In addition to this the students are a community. All of them are working together. Without school uniforms there are allways some outsider which have to work alone. the class is not divided into cool and not cool but there is a single group. also the school is represented by the students when they wear uniforms. all looks the same and the whole school hold together. everybody can see which school it is.

But on the other hand school uniforms are not very helpful. you can not wear what you want and you can not have your own style. But this is very important at this age. students have to develop their own personalities. moreover you can not stop bullying. maybe it is reduced by school uniforms but you can never stop it forever. there are students who does not look good with them or they are bullied because of their behavior. in addition, bullying takes place in the free time of students. so outsider are only in school protected. above all it is very expensive. families have to buy these uniforms and they are not cheap. when you have more than one child, it becomes more expensive. after school most of the students wear normal clothes. so you have to buy both - school uniforms and clothes for the free time. everyone changes the outfit once per day. it is very expensive for poor families. maybe their children have to wear the uniform the whole day.

danke schonmal:)

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Kann mir jemand diesen Satz aus dem Englischen übersetzen?

,,So we have formed an organization known as the Organization of Afro American Unity which has the same aim and objective – to fight whoever gets in our way, to bring about the complete independence of people of African descent here in the Western Hemisphere, and first here in the United States, and bring about the freedom of these people by any means necessary.''

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Was bedeutet "while some Young people may submit to the pressure to conform,Sole follow their immer Voice instead and strive hard to reach their goals?

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Kann mir jemand bei der Englisch Hausaufgabe helfen. Ich soll einen Text mit 300-400 Wörtern schreiben. Aufgabe steht unten?

Choose one of the following tasks: 1. Write an essay about the difficulties and challenges of being a teenager. Your text could focus on some of the following: peer pressure, appearance, drugs and alcohol, parents, friends, boyfriend/ girlfriend Make your own title

  1. In your newspaper there is a debate going on about the use of computers and cell phones. One reader writes that: “Time spent on the computer or the cell phone inevitably means time taken away from real interaction with others”. You decide to take part in the debate by writing a reader’s letter, where you discuss this statement and describe how you use the computer or the cell phone both at home and at school.
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wir schreiben ja morgen english arbeit und habe jetzt den text über mein zimmer gschrieben :D

helft mit bei meinem fehlern wäre voll nett von euch ;)

My room I have my own room. My room is sometimes tidy and sometimes untidy. The wallcolor of my room is red.I have posters of stars. Next to the door is my tv. I can watch tv or play sometimes wii. On my desk is my computer . And I do my homework on the desk. When I look out of my window I can see our garden. My bedspread is white with red flowers, my furniture is black and my curtain is white. Wardrobe color is red and white.

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