Sind die Sachen gut über Dubai?

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("The UAE’s nine million residents are governed by a federal council made up of hereditary rulers of its seven emirates, which include Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The only elections, involving a selected few citizens, are to half of the posts on an advisory council.", 6. Oktober 2015)

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("Dubai is one of the seven emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates.

The protest highlighted the stark wealth gap between the area's visitors, Emirati nationals and the country's construction workers, who hail mostly from Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and India.

Millions of South Asian workers provide the manpower to build high-rises, shopping malls, highways and other mega-construction projects throughout the region.

Most come to the Gulf in search of more money to send back to relatives.

Human Rights Watch estimates there are more than 5 million low-paid migrant workers in the Emirates alone." Al Jazeera, 10. März 2015)

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