Wer kennt Tumblr Sprüche?

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Ich schmeiß alles hin und werde Prinzessin.

Es ist kein Abschied, denn ich war nie willkommen.-Casper

Fries before Guys

They laugh at me because Im different I laugh at them because theyre all the same

In math class they call me Macklemore because Im like what what what

Stressed depressed but well dressed

love? I prefer Vodka

Popularity is for stupid People

Smile, because it confuses People. Smile, because it´s easier than explaining whats killing you inside.

it´s sad when you feel alone in a room full of People.

It´s immortality my Darlings.-Alison DiLaurents

If traveling was free, you never see me again.

schau doch auf tumblr? einfach "tumblr (dein thema)" googlen und dann auf die tumblrseite gehen

Sorry about the blood in your mouth. I wish it was mine.

Was möchtest Du wissen?