sich vorstellen, in englisch, morgen Prüfung!

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Good morning! Let me introduce myself to you... My name is xxx, I am xxx years old, and was born in xxxx. Now I live in xxx. I have two older sisters and also have a daughter. She is xxx months old and is my greatest hobby. We spend much time together, playing and being outside. I also like sports like football or basketball and really love listening to music, and if I have a little bit time for myself, I enjoy reading a book. After I have finished school this year, I am going to start an apprenticeship to become confectioner.

schlusssatz ;D

Reziprok. "you to myself" Die Hörer werden quasi thematisch in dich eingeführt.


Hallo ich habe im März meine Englisch-Prüfung, da muss ich etwas über meine Familie erzählen und wollte wissen ob der Text so passt?

Ladies and Gentelmen,

today I would like to welcome you all to my presentation. In my presentation, I will introduce my family to you. My name is Lisa Maier. I am 14 years old and I live in Ersbach. Ersbach is a small town in the south of Germany.

Originally I came from Gräfenhainichen, a city in the east of Germany. Because of work, my family moved here in 2005. At this time I was 2 years old.

At first we lived in Reichenbach, a small village near Ersbach. In this house my grandmother died last year. So we decided to move to Ersbach. Now I live together with my mother and grandfather in a semi-detached house.

Aside from the fact that my grandmother died I would like to tell you something about her. Her name was Karin and she was 72 years old. She was born in 1943 in Jüdenberg.

So we come to my grandfather. His name is Bruno. He is 76 years old and pensioner. He was born in Kasale in 1941. Today Kasale is located in Poland.

My mother's name is Annett. She is 46 years old and works as an Nursing assistant at the Kloster Sießen near Bad Saulgau. She grew up in the former GDR and originally she learned the job of the gardener. When we moved here, she decided to go back to school.

I also have 2 siblings. A big sister, her name is Carolin. She is 28 years old, housewife and married. She already has a little son. His name is Lisandro and he is 4 years old. Her husband is called Roman, 31 years old and a carpenter.

And a big brother. His name is Tim. He is 23 years old and lives in Fronreute. He is a machining mechanic. Few years ago he went to the secondary school in Bad Schussenried.

Finally, I would like to introduce you to our cat. She is called Putzi and is 4 years old.

As soon as I have my secondary school leaving certificate, I would like to make the next higher school-leaving qualification. With this graduation I will be able to start my training as a nurse.

Thank you for listening.

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Waffenbesitz USA Pro/Contra?

Ich muss eine Englisch aufsatz über "Gunownership in the USA" schreiben. Alerding weiß ich keine richtigen ausagekräftigen pro/contra Argumente.Könntet ihr mir einige Argumente dafür und dagegen nenen damit ich diese in meinen Aufsatz einbringen kann? Bitte nur sinnvolle Antworten - Danke!

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Englisch Referat me and my family HILFE!

Hallo ich muss morgen ein Englisch Referat halten und habe sehhhr große Panik davor :( Ich habe einen Text zusammen geschrieben und wollte fragen ob ihn vielleicht jemand überarbeiten kann oder mir eventuell sagen kann was ich noch dazu schreiben könnnte denn es soll ungefähr 3 Minuten lang dauern aber bis jetzt hab ich noch nicht viel :( ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen :)) eiso hier erst einmal der Text:

With these report I want introduce you my Family. First of all, my Name is Ramona and im 14 years old. I have at 16 November birthday and i was Born at 1999 at ... My Hobbies are cycling, listen to Music and meet my friends. In the summer i like to Swimming in our pool and in the winter i go ice Skating. My Family consits of 4 Person. I have one sister and her Name is Selina and she is 10 years old. Her Hobbies are cycling and inline Skating. My fahters Name is Max and he is 50 years old and works as warehouse logistics by BMW. He is farmer too. My mothers Name is Christine, she is 49 years old and was Born in Simbach am Inn. She like cooking and reading. We was at South Tyrol, Austria and Italy at Holiday. The best Holiday was in Italy because i love the sea and the beach very much. Thank you for listening.

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Kann jemand meinen kurzen Englisch Text überfliegen und nach Fehlern suchen?

The main character of the short story „The swim team“ written by Miranda July in 2007, is named Maria, is 22 years old and lives alone in Belvedere, a small city, which is free from swimming pools. There is only a gas station and a market in Belvedere.
She would like to move, but she don’t have enough money (she don’t have a car or phone as well) and she don’t like to ask his parents, although she write every week to them. Her life is very boring (line 9-11), because she have nothing to do and no friends until she listens to a talk of three 80-years-old-persons, called Elizabeth, Kelda and Jack Jack, who can’t swim but they want to. So she suggests to teach them in swimming, because she learned in High School, and later she gives „swimming lessons“ to them twice a week in her living room with bowls of water and a kitchen floor. At the beginning of the story Maria is a little bit shy, she don’t like to speak with other people and starts tob e exited. (line 35-37) But at the end of the story Maria is a strong and purposeful coach, who dares to talk and to say what to do. (line 97-98) These swim lessons gives Maria something to do and she miss the lessons later.

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Vorstellung von sich und Ausbildung in Englisch

Hi, habe bald eine mündliche Prüfung in Englisch in der wir uns am Anfang vorstellen sollen und unsere Ausbildung beschreiben sollen, habt ihr zu meinem Text Verbesserungsvorschläge?

Hello everybody. First of all I would like to introduce myself: My Name is xxx and I am 18 years old. I was born in xxx in 1993 and I live in xxx, that is near xxx. I have an older sister, her name is xxx and she is 21 years old. My hobbies are riding on horses and meeting my friends. At the moment I do an apprenticeship as a administrative professional salaried at the town xxx. Im at the first year of apprenticeship, which duration is 3 years. My tasks are very varied. In the course of my apprenticeship I go through all departments. For example, these are the regulatory office, building authority, tax office, registry office or head office. During my time in the individual departments, I visit the vocational school and courses once a year. My working hours are very varied, too. Twice a week I have at 12 o’clock end of work. Once a week only at 7pm. I have an 39 hour week. One of my tasks is writing a lot of letters to the citizien or business. Other big tasks are: - working out administrative provisions and decisions - implement decisions - records management - advice citizien - do organizational and administrative tasks - process operations in the budget and accounting process In my apprenticeship I was already in five departments. My colleagues are very friendly and solicitous to me.

Very important „book“ are the DVP’s. They contain all important legislations.

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Referat über sich auf Englisch?

Today, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Anna ..., I am 16 years old and I live in .... with my mother. I was born in Russia. When I moved to Germany with my family I was 4 year. My mother and my vather are divorced. I have an older sister, she is 23 years old. My hobbies are sleeping, cooking and meeting friends. I attend 10th grade. In August of this year i will start my training as a chemist. After my training as a chemist I would like to work one’s way up as a managar of a branch office. With 18 years I would like to make my driver's licence and move out. (ausziehen von daheim weis leider nicht wie ich das anderes formulieren kann) My wishes and plans for the future is to have two children, a cat and a wonderful husband. I would like to life in another country, learn a new language and have a good time fort the rest of my life. I hope my wishes come true.

Thank you for your attention.

Ist das so richtig? Brauch umbedingt eure Hilfe muss das bis morgen können..

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