Should I pay higher insurance contribution, even if I have completed only 2 semesters in Germany and 12 semesters in India?

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Das kann man dir an der Uni ganz bestimmt auch genauer sage.

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Kommentar von nitin20
07.09.2016, 12:31

Danke schön. I have already asked the university. They said the insurance company can only answer my question. When I asked to insurance company they said I have to give higher insurance contribution. But the DAAD website says we should pay higher insurance contribution only if I completed 14 semesters in the same subject in Germany. But I have completed only 2 semester in Germany. I tried to convince this to insurance company, but they are not ready to accept my views. What can be done now? 

Should I just accept it and pay higher amount or look for other insurance company?

Thank you in advance.


To change the insurance Company won´t help you - the tariffs are all the same.

Probably the problem is that you have already graduated. As far as I remember the reduced tariff is only applicable for the first academic education...

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