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Wie du hier unter dem drittenPunkt lesen kannst, kannst du auch als Deutscher ein britischer Polizist werden. Da die deutschen Abschlisse mit den britischen vergleichbar sind,wird es auch da sicherlich keine Probleme geben, vielleicht müssen die Zeugnisse von einem anerkannten Übersetzer übersetzt werden: Become a police officer What You Need to Know

Police officers work on the frontline of crime prevention and detection. However, their specific jobs can vary significantly, including everything from dog handlers to traffic officers.
There is no age limit to becoming a police officer, nor are there any height restrictions anymore.
You do, however, have to be a British citizen, an EC/EEA national, Commonwealth citizen, or foreign national with no restrictions on your stay in the UK.
While you will be subjected to a thorough background check, you may still be able to become a police officer even in you have minor offences on your record.
Competition is tough: Around 35,000 people a year apply to become police officers, though only 5,000 of these get accepted.
However, showing that you are committed to serving your local community may help improve your recruitment prospects.
Aside from serving as a frontline officer, a range of support roles are also available in forces across the country. These can include call handlers, data analysts and even front desk staff.


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