Schreibt man zuert Geburtsort und dann das Datum auf Englisch?

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Möglich sind beide Varianten. Ich ziehe die Reihenfolge "Ort - Datum" vor.

- He was born in Germany on 3 July 1961.

- He died in Scotland in 1961.

Deine Schreibweise für das Datum ist im Übrigen richtig, obwohl es natürlich andere Schreibweisen gibt.

place before time 

is so ne Regel 

P.S. es heißt on THE 3 of July

Das spricht man, schreibt man aber nicht

Geschrieben wird "on 3 July".


Alle vier vorgeschlagenen Varianten sind möglich, jedoch ist das Datumsformat falsch: He was born on July, 3rd 1961 in Germany.

Das Datum war schon richtig geschrieben. Du verwendest nur die amerikanische Version. Auch bei deiner Schreibweise könnte man übrigens das "rd" weglassen.


Hilfe beim Englisch Referat?!

Hey ich wollte mal fragen ob mein Englisch Referat so richtig ist.

würde mich über jede Antwort freuen :)

es geht über Pablo Escobar

Einleitung :

Pablo emilio Escobar Gaviria also called "El Doctor" or "El Patron" was born on the first january 1949 in Rionegro near Medellin Kolumbien. He died on the second December 1993 in Medellin. Pablo Escobar was a Colombian drug traffickers. With big drug smuggling he became one of the richest men of the world. generally he is known as one of the most powerful, ruthless and brutal drug traffickers.

History; Pablo Escobar was born as the third of seven children. He came from a rural middle class. he joined a nihilistic youth movement and smoked with 13 years his first time columbian cannabis. he involved at an early age in many robberies and began to deal drugs to. middle years of the 1970s cannabis was replaced by the fashion drug cocaine. Pablo Escobar used it to ascend to Socially. in 1970, he planted himself in a huge drug empire. At his best time he earned 1,5 million US-Dollar per day.

drug trafficking:

although he was once arrested cocaine in possession of eleven kilograms, there was never a process against him, because of his detriment policeman under mysterious circumstances was killed live. with death threats were even judge, which may incriminate him intimidated. John Jairo Velasquez, called "Popeye" was closest confidant and chef killer of Pablo Escobar. He killed over 150 humans. total let escobar 30 judges and 457 policemen kill. 1989 Pablo Escobar was the seventh-richest man in the world (with an estimated total assets of 2.7 billion U.S. Dollars.) and controlled eighty percent of the international cocaine market.

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Englisch! Biography about Manuel Neuer

Wir sollten kurz den lebenslauf einer berühmten person aufschreiben (biography).

könnte jemand mal meins kontrolieren?


Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer is a German footballer who played for the 'FC Bayern München' and the German National team.He was born in 1986 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.'Manu' hasn´t a brother or a sister. He grew only with his parents up and he living in Gelsenkirchen.Since 1991, he played for 'FC Schalke 04'. 2006, Mirko Slomka made Manuel Neuer to the new Goalkeeper from 'S04'. 2010, he was the number 1 in the German National Goal.In 2011, he moved to 'FC Bayern München'.He won the 'DFB-Pokal' with 'S04' 2005 and 2011.Also he won the U-21 EM and he got the price Best U-21 EM Goalkeeper in 2009.'Manu' got the price Best 'Bundesliga' Goalkeeper 2007

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Eng Referat Barack Obama! Vollständig Ist das so richtig oder sind da noch fehler?


Barack Hussein Obama



I wanna show you a short presentation about Barack Hussein Obama,the 44th President of the United States.



Personal Data:


Birth - August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii

Family – Married on October 18, 1992 to Michelle Robinson.

They have two daughters, Malia and Sasha.



With a black father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas, Obama was born in Honolulu on August the 4th,1961.

His parents married in 1961 in Hawaii and got divorced* in 1964.His mother married another man two years later and moved with her son Barack to Jakarta.

In 1971 Obama came back to Hawaii where he was raises up by his grandparents. There he visited a famous private school in Honolulu.

He met his future wife Michelle at Harvard Law School.

The couple married in 1992 and now they have got two daughters.

On the 15th of December 2008 Barack Obama was elected*² as President of the United States.

Obama's campaign was considered*³ as the first Internet election campaign.

The Campaign earned the biggest part of their sponsor money with the help of the internet




 produced a music video based on citations of Obama's speech.

The text consists* completely of Obamas speech.

Just after a few days the video has become a lot of hits.


^^ Sind da noch fehler ??

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Englisch Referat 50 cent

Hallo zusammen, ich muss ein 5 min Englisch Referat halte und brauch bitte ganz dringend eure Hilfe!!

Den Text habe ich soweit fertig, aber Englisch ist nicht meine Stärke:/

könnt Ihr mir bitte bei der Grammatik etwas helfen??

Life: 50 cent was born on the July 6, in the year 1975 in Queens, New York. His real name is Curtis James Jackson the third. Now he´s 39 years old.

He doesn´t konw who is his father and his mother was murdered in her house when he was only eight years old. After the death of his mother he was raised by his grandparents. He began deal with drugs when he was 12 years old. He was often in prison but the first big punishment he got when he was 18 years old. He was discovered and got under contarct by Jam Master Jay but the deal was not good and he had changed to Columbia Records. There he do his frist debut album „Power of the Dollar“ but the album was never released because he was the victim of a severe shooting. They shooting him nine times in his face,arms and legs in front of his grandparents house. But he dismissed the hospital after 13 days. After his recovery he was discovered and promoted the second time from the rap legends DR.DRE and Eminem. Eminem take him under contract on Shady Records and Aftermath Entertainment.


In February 6, 2003 he released the album „Get Rich or Die Tryin`“ this album was the most successful album in the year 2003. It´s was sell 15 Million times worldwide. In summer 2005 fifty has filming a movie about his life and career, the name was also „Get Rich or Die Tryin“ he´s also made an album what was realesed on the 3 march 2005 the name of the album is „The Massacre“ this album was also very successful it was sell 12,5 Million times worldwide. His next album „Curtis“ what was released on the 11 september in 2007 was not so successful like his other albums. The album was sell 3 Million times. In 2009 he´s made his next album the name is „Before I Self Destruct“ this album was again not very successful the album was only sell 1 Million times. After 5 years he made his next album the name is „Animal Ambition“ it realesed on the 30 May 2014 we don´t know how much he has sell but we think not many. But that where only his solo albums he got a few Mixtapes with the G-UNIT. The G-UNIT is a rap group with 50 cent, Tony Yayo, Lloy Banks,Young Buck.

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Englisch Referat, stimmt mein Text?

Hey ich habe bald Englisch Prüfung und kann/darf keinem Lehrer mein Referat zum nachprüfen geben. Jetzt frage ich euch ob ihr mir helfen könnt es richtig zu schreiben falls Fehler drin sind.

Ghandi was born on October 2nd 1869 in Porbandar, India. He was an Indian lawyer, resistance fighter, revolutionary and pacifist.

In May 1883, the 13-year old Mohandas was married to 14-year old Kasturba. In 1885, when Gandhi was 15, the couple's first child was born, but survived only a few days.

1888, less than a month shy of his 19th birthday, Gandhi traveled to London, to study law at University College London. Gandhi served in and lead an Ambulance Corps Unit in both the Boer War 1899-1892 and the Zulu War of 1906.

Beginning of the 20th century Gandhi has worked in South Africa against segregation. In 1910 he developed in India to the political leaders of the independence movement. Gandhi urged the human rights of women and he advocated the reconciliation between Hindus and Muslims.

In 1915, Gandhi returned from South Africa to live in India. He built his Harijan Ashram and lived from 1918 to1930 there. He called for non-violent resistance. The Indians retreated so back from the public. They understood the way and made him to it. In 1930 he called for a saltmarsh and calls for the control of the food abolish.

On August 15, 1947 India attained independence. Since the country was divided into two states, the freedom fighter went on a hunger strike. Since no one wanted the death of him peace was concluded. Without Gandhi would the peace never had closed. The action broke hatred of him and many people were suddenly against him.

A madman who felt Gandhi guilty shot him on January 30, 1948. Gandhi died.

The world celebrating him as a model and national heroes.

Bin gespannt und danke im Vorraus. :)

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