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-- Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. = Lebe als wenn Du Morgen sterben würdest. Lerne als wenn Du für immer leben würdest

-- A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.= Ein Gewinner ist ein Träumer der niemals aufgibt.

-- Home is where the heart is. = Zuhause ist (man da), wo das Herz ist.

-- Laughter is the best medicine. = Lachen ist die beste Medizin.

-- There is no trick to seduce a girl, but a fortune, one to find, that is worthy of being seduced. = Es ist keine Kunst ein Mädchen zu verführen, aber ein Glück, eines zu finden, das es wert ist, verführt zu werden.

-- Who fights can lose, who doesn't fight has already lost. = Wer kämpft kann verlieren, wer nicht kämpft, hat schon verloren.

Drei Antworten auf ein und dieselbe Frage ... warum ... wegen der Punkte ? Findest du das fair anderen Usern gegenüber ?


Es gibt das gute alte "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"

Uiiii hem hem ... I'm the girl that always has her phone in her hands, headphones in her ears and that one guy on her mind ... Girls aren't toys you can't just drop them when you get bored some times i pretend to be normal. But it gets boring. So I go back to being me Yeah I made mistakes but ... Life doesn't come with instructions. I might have erased your texts But I will never forget what you wrote. We might have stopped talking, But I will never forget your voice. We might have stopped huging, But I will never forget how you smell. Anything we did, I will never forget.

Whenever you think it's the end of the world remember that it's already tomorrow in australia. ;)

aber erst nach der Mittagspause.. :-)


Don't Drink and Drive, Smoke and Fly!

-sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple...

-friendship is the relationship between me and my best friend!

Meine Freunde und ich machen so richtige Bilder mit Canon und Nikon Kameras also so wie Model Bilder unter unsere Bilder schreiben wir Texte wie z.b.

I remember when we kissed I still feel it on my lips The time that you danced with me When no music playing I remember the simple things I remember til I cry But the one thing I wish I'd forget The memory I wanna forget Is Goodbye . . .

And I love you more than I did before, And if today I don't see you're face Nothin's changed no one can take you're place, It gets harder every day. Say you love me more than you did before And I'm sorry it's this way. But I'm comin' home, I'll be comin' home And if you ask me I will stay, I will stay. ♥ .

.We can dance under sky; Use the moon as our spotlight.

Well, did you know you're an angel, who forgot how to fly!? Did you know that it breaks my heart everytime I see you cry!

Aber schau am besten mal hier nach :)

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