Scary Movie gesucht - wer kann mir weiterhelfen?

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Okay hier:

I am Skylar. And I am dead. I have been living in this house for nearly 2 years, until this house changed me. I will tell you my story. I died in 1967 so I am quite old, but people like you can't see that. It was 11 pm and my parents were sleeping while I was still reading some of my favorite books. My candle light was starting to flicker, so I thought it would come from the storm which was haunting our house that night. But it turned out to be something different. I didn't think much of that, so I read a little bit more until my eyelids started to droop. So i blew off the light and fell asleep quickly. At 3 am I woke up, and bizarelly, I was wide awake. I stood up and turned on the candle again, to see something. I looked outside the window and the storm was gone, the streets were a little bit wet but I saw that the weather calmed down. But my candle light was still flickering, and I couldn't explain myself, why. So i stood up and went to the door where my candle light almost faded away. So I opened my door and the light was immediately away - I took a step back, but I saw something in the light of the streetlights, which shined through the windows into our corridor. I looked at it precisely, but i couldn't see something. Then I heard the sound of a matchstick rubbing, and a candle light inflamed. There was a girl with a white face, looking at me, which faded so fast I couldn't think about it alot. A second after that, something grabbed me from behind and held a hand over my mouth. Then, a blade was reflected by the street lights, right in front of my eyes, and something cut through my artery, right through my throat. Then, I woke up again, in this house. Since then I can conversate with the ghost, which killed me.  It exoposed, that it was my sister which died a few years before that. She wanted me to be with her,  so that she wouldn't be so alone anymore. Because since then, I can observate my parents crying about me, but they can't see me. The only thing I can do is giving some signals, like throwing down books because of now reasons. They will never find out that I am still there, but until they also die because they're old, i will prevent my sister from killing them. Everytime i give them a signal, they also keep staring at the street lights, lightning up our house from the outside. Unspectacular for the living, but of prime importance for those who know.

ich hoffe sie gefällt dir, hab mir echt mühe geegeben xD

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Kommentar von blvcks
01.11.2015, 20:52

schreib ''it exposed that it was my sister'' hab bei dem exposed einen kleinen fehler gemacht xD

und schreib ''because of no reasons'' anstand ''now reasons'' sorry :D


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