richtige Übersetztung von deutsch auf englisch?

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Ist OK, habe einen kleinen Verbesserungsvorschlag:

We will participate in an agricultural fair. Please see the appendix for more information. We would be pleased to welcome you at our stand.

We are going to participate

Englisch sätze vervollständigen?

  1. well, ... around the city is best by bus or subway. ... makes your feet tried and ... in city taffic isn't very healthy.

  2. but ... in Central-park is healthy. can we do that too?

  3. yes, but isn't ... all the famous sights more important?

  4. well, we can see the sights first. ... at macy's is important too. i need some postcards for my friends.

  5. ... postcards is boring. but i'm sure we'll have enough time for macy's!

wörter die ich einsetzen kann..

cycling getting running shopping visiting walking writing

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Englische Bewerbung für meine Schule?

Hallo an Alle, kann jemand von euch gut Englisch ?

Wenn ja, könnte er/sie mir helfen einmal kurz für mich über den Text zu lesen ??? Ist eine englische Bewerbung für meine Schule.

Wäre supernett wenn jemand von euch, der gutes Englisch kann mir sagen könnte, ob man das so nehmen kann, vielen Dank,

Gruß, Dominic ;)

Dear Mrs. Summer, I have read your advertisement in the WAZ November 2011. I refer to your advertisement in the WAZ of November 2011, I would like to apply for a placement in your Kindergarten. I am very interested in working with children and I would be pleased to work in your Kindergarten as an educator. I am flexible, able to work in a team, friendly, thoughtful and always on time. Furthermore I would like to gain some more work experience. I prefer to work in your Kindergarten because I like working with integrative children. I have already collected some experience with this kind of children. My aim is to support everybody individual. As you can see from my CV I passed my vocational baccalaureate diploma in social affairs in June 2010.  I did some voluntary work at an integrative Kindergarten in Bochum 2009. I have enclosed my school certificate and a reference from Mrs. Schmidt, head of the “Kindergarten Blumenwiese Bochum”. I have already done an English course about several weeks so I can speak English very well. Because of the positive work experience I have been able to gather during my voluntary work, I would be pleased to work in your Kindergarten. Hoping to be invited for an interview, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

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Brauche eure Hilfe in English . Kennt sich jemand serh gut in English aus?

Könnt ihr bitte meinen Text durchlesen denn ich auf English geschrieben habe und die Fehler die ihr findet verbessern, weil ich mich versuche zu verbessern.


We have in the company a very big problem with the computer software.I would like to inform you that our computer system will be updated next Thursday. For this reason, I ask you to come to work on Thursday a little later, because the update falls into the beginning of your working hours. We hope for a better performance through our update. The update will take place on Thursday between 8 and 10 a.m. Please come a bit later.

The technical company will upgrade many software programs and the good news is that the computer system will be clearer and easier to operate with the programs. The bad news is that there are anything damages on the software and on the motherboard.

We have the same problem since for 2 years. An employee loads a document and it had a virus. He had known, that the document had a virus in the appendix. You can´t download any documents from the internet without using a pin. The worker forgot it and turned off the safety program. You can tell your worker forbid them to turn all of the safety programs. And if they have anything other problems with the motherboard or something like that, they should call Technology department

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Email an Geschäftsführer zweiter Teil?

At the end, we all agreed that stevia would enable our company to produce healthier cereals and became more cost effective over time. Moreover, we would be able to create a new image of Daybreak to win the trust of our consumers back.

We also coincided that we should label our cereals with the suitable intake of nutrition for children.

At the end, we talked about possibilities to attract consumers attention for our new cereals and which points should be included in a letter of apology to the public.

 I am pleased to inform you about our results of the meeting:

·        Firstly, we will be able to produce more healthy cereals through stevia. In the long run, productions costs will decrease.

·        Secondly, we should give the recommended intake of nutrition for children on our cereals packages.

·        Thirdly, we have thought out a new slogan for Daybreak’s cereals to enhance our image:

“Ready to go healthy”

·        Moreover, we should start a promotional campaign in where children and parents can try samples of our new cereals at supermarkets.

·        Finally, a public apology will be issued shortly, in which we acknowledge our mistakes from the past and promise to improve our corporate responsibility.


Attached please find a timeline of the meeting.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me

 I look forward to hearing from you soon.

 Best regards,

 Mr. X

Head of Research and Development

 Attachment: Timeline of the meeting

Für Verbesserungsvorschläge bin ich offen.


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Hallo muss in englisch eine Charakterisierung schreiben (klasse 10) kann sie jmd bewerten und tipps geben und fehler zeigen?


The extract taken from the nobel “Slam“ written by Nick Hornby published in year 2007 is about the 16-year-old Sam, who has his birthday but gets a messag by his ex Alicia. Then they meet in Starbucks.

We know that Sam is shy, because he is going away from his mom to the toilet just to text Alicia back (cf. l. 18). He is also quickly panicking as we can see in line 12, when he said “Part of me was panicking.“. He is still a little kid (cf. ll. 28-29), which cannot make any mistakes, because he thinks Alicia is pregnant(cf. L. 42).

Sam is an optimist, because he still thinks about something else that happened (cf. ll. 47-48). He is also scared and goes first in the queue when they meet just to have more time (cf. ll. 55-58).

He is very nervous and would also give up skateboarding if Alicia is not pregnant (cf. l. 39).

Sam is nervous, because of Alicia. He would do everything just if Alicia is not pregnant. To sum it up Sam ist actually coward, anxious and also stupid.

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Realschule - Bewerbung auf Englisch

Hey, könnt ihr mir Bitte sagen ob diese Bewerbung auf Englisch gut gelungen ist oder ob es noch etwas zu verbessern gibt? : ...........................Dear Mr Garry, I read about your ad in the newspaper "Instant-Health" of 16 February and would like to apply for an education as a pet shop assistant. As you will see in the Curriculum Vitae, I have already worked for two weeks in a pet shop on my school practical training. I have always been interested on animals. I am specially interested about snakes and I hope that i can learn more about them in the training you offer. I would be grateful to meet you at your shop for an Interview and look forward to hearing from you.

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