Reise nach Kairo, aktuelle Einschätzungen?

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also, ich bin gerade in Kairo. Hier muss man immer aufpassen, aber nicht wegen Terroristen, sondern wegen Verkehr, Betrügern, nervigen Touri-Neppern ... etc. Terroristen wird es auch geben, aber Ihr werdet sie kaum finden können (gerade wurde wieder ein Terrorist erschossen) Die Stadt ist viel zu groß als das man das wirklich mitbekommt.

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KaiAbuSir 17.11.2015, 13:15

Hallo nochmal - so, jetzt bin ich wieder in D, und wie man in Paris sieht, ist es egal wo man ist, Islamisten gibt es überall, nur werden Sie in Ägypten viel härter bekämpft.


Aus einem internen Security Assessment: 

Risk Summary

Egypt is overall a MEDIUM travel risk environment, largely due to persistent anti-government unrest and low-level militant attacks. While protests and associated unrest have declined since late 2013, demonstrations continue on a daily basis around the country. Anti-government protests are unlikely to pose direct risks to foreigners, though tough police responses can create significant incidental risks. Low-level militant attacks, focused on security force and government targets, occur regularly, though direct targeting of foreign nationals remains rare, despite a brief spike in night-time explosions in expatriate neighbourhoods of the capital Cairo and outside foreign-branded businesses in early March 2015.

Staff should defer all but business-critical travel to North Sinai governorate, where the travel security risks are rated as EXTREME, and defer all travel to areas between the border with the Gaza Strip (Palestinian Territories) and the city of El Arish (North Sinai), which is a base of operations for organised militant groups and weapons smugglers. Militant groups occasionally conduct large-scale attacks on the security forces, and civilian casualties are not uncommon. The military can implement significant restrictions on freedom of movement as part of a heavy-handed counter-insurgency campaign.

Members should also receive itinerary-specific briefings prior to any journeys to the remote areas west of the Nile Valley and Nile Delta (excluding coastal areas east of Marsa Matruh (Matrouh governorate)), where the travel security risks are rated as HIGH due to exposure to the latent risks of militancy and criminality and the remoteness of this vast territory.

This information is intended as a summary of the travel security environment; however, the risks can change at short notice during a crisis or evolving situation. Please check our travel security alerts to ensure you are informed of the most recent developments.

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