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Bend it like Backham The film "BEnd it like Backham" is about an Indian girl, Jess, from a traditunial Indian family living in modern London. Jess' passion is football and her idol is David Backham. She is always playing football in the park with some indian boys, but just in secret, because her parents don't want that Jess will become amoodern girl or will be disappointet. They want, that she settels don with an Indian man-like her sister Pinky will do in a few month. One day, a blond-headed girl is jogging in the park. She sees Jess playing football. She goes to her and ask her to come with her, because she's playing football in a football-league. Jess is enthusiastik and goes with the girl, named Jules. Jess play so good, that she became a membeer of the team, but there are a lot of problems: for example: her parents don't know this; for her religion the trousers are too short; she has hurts on her leg,... But she don't carry about it. She really wants to make the training. Jules and JEss become good friends and also Joe, the coach of the team, gets on very well with Jess. After a time they have an important match. They drive to Hamburg and play there . Jules and Jess can play very good together. On the final-match-day is Pinkies wedding, so Jss must stay at home with family and friends. She is looking sad the hole evening so Jess's father tolf her to go away from the party and go for playing; because he guesses why she's sad. Shee is very happy and plays in the second half-break. A very important person iis seeing the match and is enthusiastic. He makes a deal so the both two can come in an important and famous gym-school in America. Also Jess' partents don't mind anymore, if she goes away. At the end of the film Jess kisses Joe and then she walkes together with Jules to the airplane.

Hoffe es hat dir geholfen und es war in etwa das was du brauchtest... :) sind halt ein paar fehler drin, aber das grundlegende ist ddenk ich mal gemacht :)

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Dankeeeeeeschööön :))


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