Referat über American Football, was am besten in 3 Minuten einbringen?

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Ob inhaltlich richtig, weiß ich nicht, lies selbst:

"American Football is the greatest territorial game ever invented.

It is a savage sport that combines the cathartic discharge of aggression
with the elegance of athletic dexterity.  Pro players must be big,
strong, fast and unbelievably tough to survive.

Basic rules:
Two teams each field eleven men at a timeThe ball is advanced by running with it or throwing itPoints
are scored by carrying the ball over the opponent's goal line, catching
a pass beyond the opponent's goal line, kicking the ball over the
opponent's goal posts (similar to Aussie Rules football) or tackling a
player in possession of the ball in his team's own end zone.Teams
must gain 10 yards from the line of scrimmage (where the ball is
snapped) within four plays (doing so is called making a first down), or
possession changes.  Teams can also elect to punt (kick) a ball to their
opponent if they feel they will be unable to make a first down within
four plays; punts usually occur on fourth down.Forward passes to teammates cannot be made once the passer (thrower) advances beyond the original line of scrimmageThose
are the big rules.  Other rules about blocking, formations,
interference, etc. are more complicated, but aren't essential to
understanding the sport initially.
What truly makes
football great is that every play builds anticipation.  But unlike say,
baseball, where a "play" often involves a pitcher throwing to a catcher
and a batter (particularly on balls, or called strikes, or swings and
misses), on football, all 11 players on each team are intricately
involved in EVERY play.  It's controlled chaos -- and it is incredibly


damit wären die Grundlagen erklärt. Noch etwas über die verschiedenen Spielertypen (Unterschied Liner-Cornerback...) , die NFL und die deutschen Ligen erwähnen und fertig.

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