Referat in Englisch. Was mache ich im Internet?

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Hier mal ne verbesserte Version (ohne Gewähr ^^):

Hello ladies and gentlemen. My name is xxxx xxxx and today I wanna tell you something about what I usually do in the internet. Mostly I play video games like leuague of legends or I watch some Youtube videos. I never play video games alone. I prefer visiting my friends and playing with them. When I'm bored I check my emails or chat with friends. Checking my emails takes about 10-20 minutes. When I have to find some information for school I use the internet, too. It´s pretty helpful! Usually I find all the information I need but sometimes I have to spend a lot of time to find a certain information. The websites that I visit most are Wikipedia, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Devienar. I spend about 2-4 hours a day in the internet, at the weekend it's a bit more. [[Der nachfolgende Satz mit der Selbsteinschätzung ist blöd, den lass ich weg.]] I prefer to use my mobilephone for watching videos on youtube, but for playing online games I use my Computer. As an example: Yesterday I used the internet for my homework for about 1 hour, and after that I played an online game for 2 hours. Well, that was my presentation about the topic "What are you/we doing in the internet". Thank you for listening.


Also fangen wir an:

Zeile 1: ....gentlemen, I am going to talk (gonna ist eher umgangssprachlich)

Zeile 5: Checking my emails takes ...

Zeile 6: ...information for school ...

Zeile 9: websites (aber denke das war eher ein Tippfehler,  oder? Egal xD)

Zeile 11: At the weekend

Zeile 12: (das "to me" ist nicht unbedingt notwenig)   ...that I am online too much (much ohne t, merken^^)

Zeile 14: Yesterday I was online...after that restlichen Satz bin ich mir mit der Grammatik nicht sicher...nur am ende muss es: I had to turn my computer off/down. 

Zeile 15: had heißt müssen, kommt aber besser an wenn man so tut als will man also vielleicht wanted stattdessen ;)

Letzte zeile: thank you for listening to my presentation 

Bin mir bei paar anderen Sätzen nicht sicher aber bevor ich dir was falsches sage, lasse ich es lieber. ^^

My dream job vortrag. So ok? ilfe. v2

Ich habe schonmal so einen ähnlichen Betrag geschrieben aber ja xD Ich hab diesesmal denn Text etwas ausgeweitet weshalb ich wieder etwas hilfe benötigen könnte. Jemand könnte kurz drüber gucken und sagen obs korrekt oder falsch ist und dann auch korriegieren. Und nein ihr sollt mir meine Hausaufgaben nicht machen legendlichich unter die Arme greifen ;)

Hello ladies and gentelman, I this presentation I will tell something about my dream job. My dream job is Kindergarten teahcer. When I grow up I would like to be a kindergartem teacher because i would like to work with children, i am creative and i would like to be a member of a team. You need good marks in art, bilogy and music to be a kindergarten teacher. The soft skills that you need are sense of responsibility and ability to communicate. A kindergarten teacher works in a kindergarten. They usually works with young children, and they has to do some offiece work, too. A kindergaten teacher has to organise things, theay should be patient and teacher should have good manners. In this job, you have a five-day-week, you have varied work and its well-paid. If do you want to start a apprenticeship you need your Middel educational attainment. The apprenticeship takes 2 years. Like every job, my dream job also has disadvantages. Some disadbivantages as kindergarten teacher are that you work with childrens they can scream 8 hour long and that can be annyoing. Some advantages are you can meet difficult parents and you can teach the children some thing. All in all, I would like to work as a kindergarten teacher because there are more advantages than disadbivantages.

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Schüleraustausch Brief an Gastfamilie?


ich muss einen Brief an meine noch unbekannte zukünftige Gastfamilie schreiben. Über Korrekturlesen und Verbesserungsvorschläge wäre ich sehr dankbar!

Dear host family,

First of all I want to thank you reading my letter in which I try to introduce myself.

Now I want to tell you some important information about me. My name is ... and I’m fifteen years old. I was born on .... I live in a quiet part of Berlin, the capital of Germany. This city has about 3, 7 million inhabitants. I live in a relative small house with a nice little garden together with my Father ....(54), my mother ....(48) and my sister ....(19).

 Currently I’m a member of the 10th class at the “....” in Berlin. It’s a catholic school like a high school in Canada. I have the most fun in the subject for politics, because I’m also interested in the topic outside the school. Also I like learning foreign languages and that’s why French and English are also among my favourite subjects. But there is no subject I hate. I do not go to church regularly but only sometimes. But if you go to church, I like to come with you.

I’m very lucky with my class and I think we have a great class spirit. The most of my best friends are in the same class and so we can spend a lot of time together.

 I would describe myself as friendly, helpful and especially open- minded. At the beginning I’m sometimes a little bit shy but that changes in the first few days or even hours. Also I would say that I’m rather calm. I love physical education and I like to meet my friends and to undertake something with them. I also do a lot with my family.

 As I said at the beginning I live in a very big city. Although it has advantages it also has many disadvantages for me. So I’m very happy that I’ll live in Canada in a little smaller city. I love the mountains and the nature and I am looking forward to discover a completely new place for me.

Rest folgt in Antworten.....

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Written discussion

Hallo wir haben als hausaufgabe aufbekommen eine written discussion zu schreiben. Ich hab mal eine geschrieben könntet ihr den mal durchlesen und meine fehler korrigieren oder verbesserungen vorschlagen?

Thema:Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives.More than 90% of german teenagers have a mobile phone of their own.What are the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones?

Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. More than 90 % of German teenagers have a mobile phone. But is a mobile phone really important? Here are advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones.

My first argument against mobile phones is that the most teenagers use a mobile phone in the lesson. They play games and send emails or short messages to someone. So they are they are distracted from the lesson and get bad marks.

The next point is, that some people can’t stop using mobile phones. They get addicted.They lose their social contacts and spend all their time on their mobile phones.A good example is my friends brother, he haven’t got social contacts he is all the time write short messages or calls to friends.

The last point is that mobile phones are unhealthy. I have heard in many television reports that mobile phones can be cause of cancer.

On the other hand there are arguments for the using of mobile phones too.

Firstly you are very flexible. You can use it everywhere at any time.For example you are waiting for the next train and you are bored, you can use your mobile phone. You can listen to music,play games or go online when you have an Internet flat. More Important is that the mobile phone is helpful in case of emergency.If something happen on the way to school or somewhere else you can call to the emergency.

The most important is that you are always be in contact with your friends and your family. So your parents mustn’t care where you are. With one call they can know it.

After looking at both sides I’m in the opinion that mobile phones are important for the most people.

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Kann jemand bitte meinen Letter of Motivation für ein Auslandssemester korrigieren? :-) Dankeschön!


gleich zu Beginn möchte ich sagen, dass ich kein Überflieger für die englische Sprache bin und daher sehr dankbar bin, wenn sich Jemand ein paar Minuten Zeit nehmen kann und möchte, um den folgenden Text zu korrigieren.

Vielen Dank Euch und ich freue mich auf Eure Antworten.

Letter of Motivation

[HOMETOWN], 19 May 2014

Dear Sir and Madam,

My name is [NAME] and I am currently studying at the University of Applied Sciences in [HOMETOWN], Germany to get my Master Degree in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Science. I am writing to you to express my intention why I would like to apply for the program at University of [UNIVERSITY]. In the following I will mention some facts which I have led to my decision to spend the upcoming winter semester in 2014/15 in [COUNTRY].

For me, doing an exchange semester would be a great chance to enlarge my professional knowledge. I have a particular interest to improve my English language capabilities, because it has become an absolute necessity for all graduates. Through the participation at the academic courses, I will benefit extraordinary and enhance my English language skills. In addition, I am generally considered to be motivated, outgoing and responsible, so I will use the benefit to get in contact with home students and learn their way of life, while I stay at the University of [UNIVERSITY].

As I have always planned to spend some time abroad during my studies, I am very happy to use the opportunities given to us by the Erasmus program. The University of [UNIVERSITY] is my first choice for my study abroad due to the offered courses because I think the University of [UNIVERSITY] offers me to combine my personal aims with my academic improvement. While checking the online catalogue I had found some useful courses for biotechnology and pharmaceutical sciences which I would like to participate. I have felt very confident that the offered courses fit in a very good manner to the modules at my home university, so this exchange will allow me to expanding my knowledge and widening my experience in a variety of academic disciplines. Furthermore it will give me the opportunity to study new subjects, which are not available at my home university.

Altogether, the student abroad, particularly the Master Degree Programme in the University of [UNIVERSITY], will benefit my character as well it will be the best opportunity for preparation for the lifetime, especially for my career.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,


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