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Hi everyone and welcome to my presentation about Las Vegas.The topics include :
Important Points (was soll das sein.. ), History, Water Consumption, Sewerage and Feedback.

Go with the most important points. (was soll das bedeuten?)

Las Vegas was founded in 1905 and has had (hatte gehabt? also so alle Toten und Lebenden zuusammen oder wie?) approximately 600,000 inhabitants since 2004.

Las Vegas is the largest city in the US state of Nevada and is 340 kms (es ist 340m was???)

.The mayoress is Carolyn Goodman and has been mayor since 2011.Each year, has Las Vegas about 40 million tourists and Las Vegas has about 1450 casinos.

Let's continue with Las Vegas's History: The very first casino in Las Vegas is the Golden Gate Hotel. It was built in 1906 and in 1907 it got the telephone
number 1.

In the middle of the 1860s, the US Army built Fort Baker.
Through its sources, Las Vegas has become an important stopover for
wagons and the railroad on its way between California in the west and
New Mexico in the east.

In 1903, Rancherwitwe (ARRRGGHH!! ) Helen Stewart sold a large
part of her property to the railway company for 55,000 US dollars,
which parceled it  due to the strong demand and auctioned on speculators
and investors on May 15, 1905 for a total of 265,000 US dollars.

By this, he city of Las Vegas was officially founded.

Continue (diese Art von Gliederung is echt schlecht formuliert) with the water

Most of the water  the desert city of Las Vegas gets is from
Lake Mead.

In 1990 the reservoir was full, since then the water level has
fallen 30 meters.

Las Vegas has a drinking water shortage - triggered by
the waste of water and the rapid population explosion.

Most of the water was wasted in industry and household.

At last I´d like to tell you about the sewage system- a secret nearly nobody realizes:

In the tunnels under the glittering metropolis about   300 to 1,000 homeless people are living. So it´s a city under the city.

Most of them lost their money in the Casinos. In the tunnels, the homeless find shelter from the heat in
the summer, but also from the citizens and the authorities of Las
Vegas itself.

These tunnels are 1.70 meters wide and 2 meters wide. (2x wide?)

you very much for your attention

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important points = Wichtige Stichpunkte


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