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Should pupils be allowed to use the internet in every lession (LESSON)?

Nowadays, every pupil has a mobile phone with access to the internet. Mostly they use their mobile (CELL PHONE) to access social sites like facebook and so on (AND ALIKE). But should it be allowed to use them every lesson (ALL THE TIME)?

To begin with (IN THE FIRST PLACE) , mobile phones with internet access could be useful in lessons. You could for example download an app for translation to learn better . You could find the translations oft he word (OF ANY WORD) in less than 30 seconds. That would be a good exchange for a translation book (FOR A DICTIONARY).

Furthermore you could use it as a information finder (AS A SOURCE OF INFORMATION), for example (FOR EXAMPLE STREICHEN) if you dont (DON'T) unterstand something in the lesson, you can look yourself (OHNE YOURSELF) in the internet instead of asking the teacher. That would be very good because no one would disturb the lesson anymore.

At the other hand (ON THE OTHER HAND) pupils could go on social sites and chat with their friends instead of learning or do research with their mobile phones. That wouldn’t be controllable because you can’t control every mobile before they fastly change the website.

Furthermore probably many pupils couldn’t concentrate at the lesson anymore because they could do what they want in the internet. They wouldn’t pay attention at the teacher and what he/she is teaching.

There are many positive and negative aspects about that topic. But I would say that it shouldn’t be allowed. It is good how it is now and it shouldn’t change.


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