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Wenn Du "they" verwendest, mus es "scientists' "(mit Apostroph hinter dem s heißen. Dies ist offensichtlich ein Hausaufgabe oder Ähnliches, wohl im Zusammenhang mit "Brave New World"? Hast du das Zitat verstanden und willst nun Ideen haben? ---- Nur als Anmerkunng: Nicht nur Politiker sollten (mit) entscheiden darüber, was in der Wissenschaft erlaubt und was nicht erlaubt sein soll. Politiker sind nur in seltenen Fällen wirklich Experten, und ob alle Politiker MORALentscheidungen richtig treffen, ist sicher fraglich.


wie Bswss schon schreibt, muss es wg. they hier

scientists' heißen.

Ich bin der Meinung, im zweiten Satzteil sind auch Politiker (Mehrzahl) gemeint. Wenn das so ist, müsste es auch dort politicians' heißen.

Mein Kommentar: So ist das in der Realität wohl. Ob es aber sinnvoll ist, dass die Politik(er) entscheiden, welche wissenschaftliche Errungenschaften verwendet werden dürfen und welche nicht, steht auf einem anderen Blatt. Denn erstens sind Politiker in der Regel "nicht vom Fach" und zweitens besteht die Gefahr von "Machtmissbrauch und Korruption". Andererseits ist es sicherlich gut, dass es überhaupt eine "Kontrollinstanz" gibt, sozusagen "als Schutz vor Dr. Frankenstein". Vielleicht sollte diese "Kontrollinstanz" aber "breitgefächert" sein.

:-) AstridDerPu

Wie ist dieser englische Witz zu verstehen?

What did the duck say to the bartender?

put it on my bill

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Hallo könnte wer mein englisch Referat kontrollieren?

What is factory farming ?. Factory Farming is a way of producing meat and other animal products quickly and cheaply. The animals are kept in small cages. They get special food, so they are growing faster. The main products of this industry are meat, milk and eggs for human consumption. Advantages: Cheaper prices With the use of factory farms, the prices of food became very cheap. The main reason for this is that the food can be processed very fast. Also, the food for the animals is very cheap, because they buy it in mass orders. Enough animal products for the market Factory farms use vitamins, minerals, and other substances that make animals grow faster and so they can produce much more food. Big farms also have modern tools which helps to produce meat, milk, eggs and other products very quickly and in an efficient way.

Disadvantages: Very bad living conditions In many factory farms the animals are kept in small cages, where they don’t have any space to walk around and do what they naturally do. The animals are usually kept indoor, so they don’t get any fresh air or sun. The cages are not cleaned as often as it is necessary, so the living conditions for the animals are very bad.

Bad for people’s health Factory farms are bad for people’s health in two ways. One of these is the pollution what they produce, which harm the health of the people who are living next to them. The other way is through the antibiotics that they give their animals to make them immune against illnesses. These can be transmitted to people from the meat and other animal products.

Small farming businesses haven’t a chance against factory farms Many factory farms are owned by corporations, who have the possibility to buy modern tools, equipment and larger spaces for the animals. They’re able to sell their products at a lower price. Smaller farms usually don’t have the resources to buy faster and bigger machines and therefore they can’t compete with their larger rivals.

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Englisch mündliche Prüfung, text so okay?

Hallo leute, habe am Montag eine mündliche Englische Prüfung und habe auch schon ein Text (den ich in 2 Tagen auswendiglernen muss :() meine Frage ist nun, wie findet ihr den Text? Ist er grammatikalisch korrekt und hört sich alles gut an? Rechtschreibfehler mal egal.. es kommt auf die Gramma und der Wortwahl an. Könntet ihr es gegebenenfalls Berichtigen? Nun zum Text:

Hello my name is Max and today i'm going to tell you something about my dreamjob as a graphic Artist at motion design.\ At first i would like to talk about the job itself. \ Following about the qualifications and payment and at last why it is my dreamjob.\

As a motion designer you create animated video like movies,trailers or advertisment.\ Making and improving concepts is dailywork. Also disscusing it with the customer and your team.\ Often you are sitting in front of the computer and draw and animate the task. The working hours are different, often from 8 AM to 6PM. Important is just that you finish your task in the right time.\

After telling you something about the job, i would like to talk about the qualifications and payment. You should be creative and need some drawing skills, also know how to use a Computer, because today even cartoons are made from them.\ Furthermore It is important that you can withstand cristism because often you are working in a team and every statisfactory animation need time and effort.\

Now the qualification and payment To be a motion Designer you need an A-Level and must study. \ After four years you can apply to a company for example Disney or Dreamworks.\ Since you are working in a company, the salary is different but average you get two thousand fivehundred up to three thousand fivehundred euro.\ Last but not least i'm going to tell you why it is my dreamjob.\ Since i get alot of good feedback about my creativity and PC know-how i found the job really interesting. Of course at first i did not like to draw but recently i tryed it and that is awesome too. All in one i'm curios about the job and cant wait for it.\ Here we come to my end of the presentation, i hope you enjoyed to listen and have you any questions?

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