PSN Store Spiel kaufen geht nicht?

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Many players are asking us why we're giving away the PSN card codes?
This is simply because our gaming advertisers and sponsors pay us for each of our promotions.
Which means the PSN codes for our Visitors are financed by our advertisers and sponsors.
So it's free for both you and us!
We don't need your personal information.
You don't need to download malicious files.
No cheating allowed!
All the steps don't cost anything and are easy and fast!
Make sure you follow all the steps listed below.
Our servers will check if all steps are completed!
STEP ONE: Share this page on any of these websites:

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STEP TWO: Post the message below on 2 different blogs, forums, or websites related to Playstation. Do NOT post on Facebook and do NOT post the same message twice on the same place!
wow this is great I just got a PSN code and it worked! I got it from

Ich sehe kein Video, sonst könnte ich eventuell helfen, da ich generell alles über PSN Cards bezahle.

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