Pros and cons über Soziale Netzwerke (comment?

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Hier so wie ich es schreiben würde. Hattet ihr ein Wörter-Limit? Du sprichst alles immer nur sehr kurz an und erklärungen fehlen, aber bei ein wortlimit von mind. ... wörtnern sollte man auch nciht zuviel schreiben.

Thanks to Social Networks it is possible to stay in permanent contact with
our friends and to be up to date with what's happening in the world.

But too much social networking isn't good for our grades.

Especially teenagers wasting their time on Social Networks instead of learning.

As I mentioned in my last comment, you can get a worse grammer and spelling when you only communicate in Social Networks via shortening words, for example: at night → at n8.

But there are also helpful things (regarding our education), that can be
provided by using Social Networks.

Another important point is, that you can learn together without having to
meet each other, for example when you live too far apart.

In Addition you can also organise a school project via Social Media.

A good example is a whatsapp group-chat with your project partners. In
which you can decide who does what at times you can't meet up, like
on weekends.

Personally I believe that spending too much time in Social Media isn't good for
our grades.

But right now most teenagers are not able to live without Social Networks
in their life.

In my opinion Social Networks are not a bad thing, but we should find a
healthy middle.

Ich glaube aber, dsas whatsapp ein messenger ist, während social media/network sich mehr auf sowas wie facebook, twitter oder tumbler bezieht

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