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 a victim of kidnapping, slave trade and forced labour are other reasons why many children are delivered to working conditions .

4. Consequences

Debility: a result of underdeveloped children who doing heavy manual labour and working long hours in bad conditions and not earning enough to feed themselves acceptably.
For some work the children get no payment. 
Child labour does more than deprive children of their education and mental and physical development they stole the childhood.
The children have many physical dangers - and death - from forced labour:
•Physical injuries and mutilations are caused by badly maintained machinery on farms and in factories, dangers in industries such as mining, ceramics and fireworks manufacture
•Pesticide poisoning. In Sri Lanka, pesticides kill more children than malaria or tetanus. 
•Growth deficiency , children get shorter and lighter than other children; these deficiencies also impact on their adult life
•Long-term health problems, are often in countries where children are forced to work with dangerous chemicals
•HIV/AIDS , pregnancy, drug addiction and mental illness 

5.Work area of girls and boys
In most parts of the world boys and girls are also likely to be doing child labour. But girls are more likely to be doing housework, how cleaning and making food.
Most children work in the agriculture example fishing(98 millions)
And 15 million children work in privat households. The large part of them are girls.
The work in the stone quarry is extremely dangerous. Mostly it is the job of the boys to breaking stone blocks with hammering

Für die Power point
-the children works as assistanst in the servicearea ( 54 millions)
- In the industry ( 12 millions)
Example stoneindustry or carpetindustry
-child labour is popular in the production of cottonseed.
This activity requires on the one hand a big number of workers, on the other hand a tactfulness, that is why girls are used with pleasure. 
6. Child labour worldwide
Asia and the pacific still has the largest numbers ( this is 60 %) 
There are 23 % of children in child labour in Africa
And there are 8 % of the child labourers in South America and in the other countries
-Children learn responsibility at a young age
-child labour is a big help for poverty countries 
-children that participate in work can help their families and they are able to earn money to buy clothing and something to eat
-children have special characteristics that are important in production facilities, example small hands

-Children workers have extremely difficult working conditions
-children do not have the chance to live a normal childhood
- they have health problems from chemical poisonings 
- children who have worked in these conditions suffer from life long disabilities and die at young ages.

8. My opinion
My personal opinion about child labour is that child labour is bad and horrible thing to do young children. Because the children risk their health and they needs freedom and a education. I think that it will be better when child labour will be stopped and the families become a financial support. For example the adults should be paid at least in such a way that they can protect the living (Lebensunterhalt)of her family and the school fees and the school material of their children. So they are not made let work their children.

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