Point of view bitte um hilfeeee morgen klausur!

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Also auf meinen AB steht(wir haben das auch gerade): The narrator is the voice or character who tells the story and is part if the fictional world is created by the author. There are two types of narrators: 1) a first-person narrator: The narrator is character in the story and refers to him or herself as I

2) a third-person narrator: The narrator is not a character in the story and refers to the character as he, she, they or by other names. The point of view is the perspective from which characters, events, etc. are presented in a fictional story-

A first person narrator can only have a limited point of view: the character does not know everything that occurs, therefore imposes his or her understanding and interpretation in the action.

A third-person narrator can have a limited point of view: narrator looks at the events and characters from the perspective of one of the characters or from the outside (=Observer narrator). An unlimited point of view: The narrator can move freely in place and time and enter the minds of the characters at will (=omniscient narrator)

ich hoffe, das konnte dir helfen :) Ich hab das selber nicht so verfasst, also liegen (wenn überhaupt welche vorhanden sind) alle rechte nicht bei mir. LG

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