Personbeschreibung in Englsich Satzanfänge?

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gib bei Google - how to describe a person examples ein und folge den Links, z.B. diesen hier:




Ansonsten kenne ich das so, dass man eine/n Klassen-/Kurskameraden/in oder eine/n Schulfreund/in um Hilfe bittet

und dann gleich mit ihr/m zusammen Hausaufgaben macht oder lernt.

Dabei kann trotzdem jede/r ihre/seine eigene Personenbeschreibung schreiben.

Das macht doch eh mehr Spaß als alleine!


PS: Auch im Deutschen benutzen wir Satzzeichen. Schreibe das nächste Mal bitte im Voraus.


Danke für die Antwort aber ich brauche Satzanfänge sodass ich den satz nicht immer mit he his beginnnen muss. Auf den seiten stehen nur wörter zum beschreiben oder auch sätze die immer wieder mit he pder his anfangen...


His friends often come over at the weekend oder often besser am Ende?


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Was könnte ich bei dieser Charakterisierung verbessern?

The short story "The Big Race" by Toby Sweet is about a swimmer who feels pity for his opponent and lets him win. This characterization is about the narrator of the story. This boy is a fast swimmer and has to swim two lengths backstroke at Chester-le-Street, on that day. One of his opponents is Gordon Hayes. Before the race, the narrator notices Gordon talking with his father. He is very sceptical and feels that something wrong is going on. Out of curiosity he asks Gordon what the matter is. He gets the answer that Gordon's father will hit his son, if he doesn't win the race. After that, while he is warming up and planning his strategy, the narrator always has to think about that. He is worried and can't concentrate. During the race the boy decides to let Gordon win, because he wants to protect him from his father and feels sorry about that. His behavior is very generous, because he doesn't think about himself in this situation. Probably the shoutig of Mr. Hayes motivates him to do that. Also Gordon has been only a half of a body behind him. Maybe the narrator has thought that Gordon can manage it. At first the boy regrets that he only has come in second. He has doubts about his decision. Maybe the second place isn't enough for him. But he isn't the typical natural winner, because he doesn't have a problem to lose under the existing conditions. He is pleased to see that Gordons father is smiling and knows it has been worth it. He is sure that his decision is right!

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Was für eine Bedeutung hat dieser Spruch?

Man's Reach Exceeds His Imagination

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Hallo, kann mir bitte jemand sagen, wie die Übersetzung für „He locked his keys in his car“ ist?

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englisch referat ( fast food)

Hallo kann mir jemand weiter helfen ? ich muss ein für meine englisch Prüfung (am montag) einen englischen vortrag halten 5 min. 1. über sich selbst erzählen. 2. über ein spezielles Thema ( fast Food.) - ich weiss nicht mehr weiter und das was ich jetzt geschrieben habe geht nur so 3 min ...

bis jetzt habe ich das :

My Name is ................. and I am 15 years old. I was born on May. 21st.1997 in Heidelberg- Germany .My mother is 51 years old . When I was four years old my father died of a heart attack. In the meantim I have a stepfather I also have four sisters, one younger and two older. Melanie is 14 years old, daniela is 25 years old and Sabine she's 27 years old.My grandparents are already dead. I live with my family in Wiesental.. My favourite colour is green and my favourite food is Chicken wings. My favorite animals are penguins . I enjoy going to the cinema because I love movies. I prefer to listen to music but I spend a lot time with my friends . My best friend is Debora. Every sunday I go to the swimming pool. I like reading books very much especially about love , my favourite book is „weil du bei mir bist“. My special topic is Fast food and overweight children in the Usa. Today, about one in three American kids and teens is overweight or obese. The USA has the most overweight teenagers in the world : 14 % of 15 year old boys and 15 % of 15 year old girls.The problem is Fast Food, because most of the food has lots of calories and the people eat too much. Burger, Sandwiches, Hot Dogs and Fried Chicken are typical Fast Food. The most famous restaurants are Mc Donalds, Burger King and Subway. They are located in over 100 countries. Most of the fast food restaurants got a drive-through.Fast Food restaurants are perfect for people who havent got much time and money to eat. Mc Donalds is located in 120 countries and operates over 31.000 restaurants worldwide. The first Mc Donalds was opened on the 15 may 1940 in California. Burger King has more than 11.000 restaurants in more than 65 countries. Subway has 31.000 Restaurants in 90 countries. Today the United States has the largest fast food industry in the world. On the one hand , I think fast food resturants are Ok. You get your food quckly and the food is cheaper than in other resturants. The Resturants are good place for teenagers to meet because you don't have to behave quietly or wear anything special. The Resturants are always open too. On the other hand, most of the food is unhealthy. Some food is OK, but most of it has lots of calories. All the paper isn't good for the environment and the Resturants aren't very nice.

Ich hoffe mir kann jemand helfen ? :(((( danke im vorraus !

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Kann mir jemand dieses summary von "A message from the Pig-man" korrigieren?

habe eine summary zum text a message from the pig-man von john wain geschrieben, wäre nett wenn ihr eure meinung dazu äußern würdet und ggf fehler verbessern könntet oder zumindest sagen, wo sie sind :)

The story „A Message from the Pig-man“, written by John Wain, is about a 6-year old boy named Eric, which has many questions he would like to ask but is afraid to do so.

Eric is the son of newly divorced parents. He has no siblings and his mum has a new boyfriend named Donald. He has difficulty with the new circumstances and does not understand why his father had to leave just because Donald moved in. He also does‘nt mind sharing his room in order for his dad to have the spare room. He is afraid of the pig-man and avoids him. He imagines the pig-man as a man who looks like a pig. One day, his mother asks him to catch the pig-man to bring him the scarps. First he was afraid, but when he sees the pig-man he realizes that the pig-man is a normal person and finally understands that the people call him pig-man, because he has some pigs that he looks after. Eric is no longer afraid of asking questions. When he comes home, he asks his mother why his father can‘t stay with them but his mother does‘nt answer him. Now he thinks that grown-ups are very silly and he hates them all.

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