My old father has a wall clock manufactured by Krippl-Watches. It is modell AN4-FWU155B. Can you send instructions for setting?

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Here is an instruction which works... It's not exactly the same clock but the buttons work in the same way. Probably it is the same electronic board inside. I was looking for the same instruction, found this and tested it successfully.Pushing REC, and the clock runs to 12:00h. Waiting some minutes, then the clock will run to the correct time. Batteries should be fine, and the clock should not be covered from walls with metal inserts - this can decrease the signal strength from the sender which is located near Frankfurt. The distance to Frankfurt should be much less than 1.500 km!Push and hold M.SET (Manual.Setting) until correct time when no signal is received after max. 14 hours.Pushing RESET is the same as put out and in the batterie - the REC process will start.Good luck!

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