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Finishing Moves as MVP:

  • 305 / Play of the Day (Leaping reverse STO) – 2010
  • Drive-By Kick (Running big boot to the face of a kneeling opponent while using their knee for leverage) – 2008–2010
  • Irreversible Crisis (Crossface / Scissored armbar combination) – 2011–present
  • Oyasumi (Jumping single underhook DDT transitioned into a keylock) – 2011–present
  • Playmaker (Overdrive) – 2007–present
  • TTB – Take it to the Bank (Crucifix neck crank) – 2011–present

Signature Moves:

  • Ballin' Elbow (Running delayed elbow drop, with theatrics)
  • Facebreaker knee smash
  • Flapjack
  • Rolling German suplexes
  • Running big boot to a standing or cornered opponent
  • Single leg Boston crab
  • Snap overhead belly to belly suplex to an oncoming opponent
  • Three-quarter facelock followed by multiple side knee lifts to the opponent's head


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Aus den SvR-Spielen? Dann wäre es:

Signature: Der Ballin-Elbow

Finisher: 305 und Playmaker

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