Musikstück aus "die nackte Wahrheit"

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Opening scene - Hot N Cold by Katy Perry

Dinner date - Cafe Metropole by Rick Krive

(unknown scene) – Catz Meow by Scott Robinson

Fake dinner on the show – Solo Violin 2 by Daniel May

Shopping - Everybody Got Their Something by Nikka Costa

Drive through the mountains – Pocketful Of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield

(unknown scene) – Under The Covers by Josh Kelley

Cuban club – Soluna by Los Pinguos

Second song at Cuban club – De Vez En Cuando by Los Pinguos

Dancing – El Gitano Del Amor by Latin Soul Syndicate

(unknown scene ) – Chainsaw by Daniel Merriweather

End song – Right Round by Flo Rida
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