Möchte sich jemand kurz meinen englischen Text durchlesen und eventuelle Fehler korrigieren?

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Im Großen und Ganzen fand ich es nicht schlecht. Ich bin kein Fremdsprachenkorrespondent, aber hab zumindest relativ gute Kenntnisse. Man muss jedoch für gewisse Umschreibungen vielleicht ein größerer Kenner sein, als ich es bin. Trotz mehrerer sehr guter Noten während meiner Laufbahn, kann ich leider nicht viel weiterhelfen. 

Englisch: Letter to the editor

Ich musste erst letztens einen letter to the editor (Leserbrief) schreiben. Da das, im Fach Englisch, für mich eine völlig neue Textsorte ist, wollte ich fragen, ob sich jemand bereitstellen würde, sich meinen Text anzusehen und zu sagen, was er davon hält. Danke!

Hier der Text:

Dear Sir, I am writing about the recent article in your newspaper regarding the smoking ban in restaurants in the City of Wausau. In my opinion, the implementation of this law to prohibit smoking is really difficult and unclear. However, as a non-smoker I believe the basic idea behind is a good step forward to change the environment in restaurants in a good way.

Firstly, the atmosphere of a restaurant is probably the most important aspect for a customer. I often notice that the unpleasant smell and look of smoking areas make a restaurant to a not welcoming and inviting place. The smoking ban makes it possible to the public to have a better atmosphere but also a healthier environment.

Smoking also means high costs. A smoker have to pay every month hundreds of dollar for cigarettes depending on how much he smokes. The smoking ban could maybe encourage people to smoke less and to save money. Nevertheless, this is only the point of view of a non-smoker.

There is also another point, which is possibly of even greater importance. Health problems related to smoking are often a much-debated topic in public. Many smokers suffer from arterial damage, heart disease or osteoporosis. The poisonous chemical tar causes damage to the lungs and pharynx. In a restaurant, a smoking ban can protect the non-smokers not to smoke passively and endanger their health.

At this point, I would like to express again my doubts about the implementation of such a law. I think it is difficult to enforce a smoking ban in every restaurant. There is always someone, who breaks the law. Every innkeeper should be able to decide whether to ban smoking or not. I hope my suggestions will be taken into consideration. Yours sincerely ...

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The New Colossus

Ich muss eine kleine Zusammenfassung über das Gedicht "The New Colossus" schreiben und ich wollte nur fragen ob dieser Text auch wircklich gut ist, denn ich geschrieben habe.

"The New Colossus" is a poem written by Emma Lazarus and dedicated in 1883. The poem is about the differences between the Statue of Liberty and the Colossus of Rhodos and her located place. Furthermore it deals with the millions of immigrants who came to America and Lady Libertys appeal for freedom and a good life for everyone.

In the first two lines the poem allude the Colossus of Rhodos and his conquering limbs which sounds very negative.In the following lines the poem describes the positive appereance of the Statue of Liberty and her ambience. It says that she has a torch in her hand and mild eyes. Moreover is noted that she has the good attribute to welcome everyone who immigrant in the United States . The final six verses are about the appeal of the Statue of Liberty for freedom and a good life for everyone. She says that she lift her lamp beside the golden door for all the poor and homeless people to find a better life and freedom for themselves.

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Wie findet ihr diesen englischen Aufsatz?

Hallo Community! Mich würde interessieren, was ihr vom folgenden englischen Aufsatz haltet. Bitte sagt eure ehrliche Meinung und es wäre auch nett, wenn ihr meine Fehler verbessern könntet:

Essay: The best holiday

Last year my whole family went to Turkey. First it was a little bit stressful because we had to pack our bags and everyone forgot something. A few minutes before we went to airport, our car hadn’t work. So all were very angry. My mum asked in a sad way: „What should we do now? I want to go to holiday! I don’t believe that. Every time when we want to go abroad, there are always some problems!“ Of course we repaired the car fast and my mum felt relieved. We were late because of the problem with the car, so we were in a hurry. Finally we sat in the plane and were very happy. „Now we are flying to Turkey and in a few hours we will lie at the beach! I’m so glad!“ I proclaimed. Ten hours later we arrived at the hotel area. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was so beautiful. The sun shone hot and everywhere I could see palms. And I was able to hear the sound of the sea. My whole family smiled and was happy. „It’s so nice here, I don’t want to go back home!“ continued my father. First we considered our hotel and after we had unpacked our bags in our hotel room, we all enjoyed a nice cocktail. Of course we also went to the beach to go swimming in the waves of the sea. Every day we lied outside in the sun and relaxed. The holiday went on very fast, so on the last day of our trip to Turkey, we were very disappointed because we had to leave this nice place again. „I want to stay here. It was a wonderful idea to go to Turkey!“ my sister claimed. After the last day of our trip, we agreed that this was the best holiday we ever had, although there was a little problem at the beginning of our holidays. My whole family enjoyed themselves at the seaside and I’m sure we will spend our holiday here in Turkey again!

PS: Ich gehe in die 7. Klasse (falls es jemanden interessiert)

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Wie findet ihr diese Restaurant Kritik auf Englisch?


Wie findet ihr diese Restaurant Kritik auf Englisch?


The las restaurant I visiited was the restaurant Kronenhall in Zurich. It was at the Rämistrasse between the three other restaurants „Sternen Grill, Vapiano and Rosaly’s Restaurant & Bar“ in the near of the Lake Zurich. The exquisite ambience persuaded me with the picutres of Chagall, Picasso and Miró. Also the meal convienced me. The veal, served in generous portinos were delicous. Further the service was impeccable. Only the Balleronsalat as one of their traditional meals was disappointing. But the hilight of the « Mousse au Chocolat » as the hilight of the meal equilazised this.

All in al the restaurant Kornhenhalle is a visitd worth, not only because oft he old history and the kudos, but also due to her genouis meals, and the good service. But I have to say this has also his price.


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Englisch Vorteile und Nachteile vom berphmt sein!


also ich habe hier Vor- und Nachteile über das berühmt sein geschrieben auf Englisch. Ich möchte nur das ihr schaut ob es mit der Grammatik und dem Satzbau so passt. Rechtschreibfehler müsst ihm mir nicht sagen :) Danke schon mal im Voraus.

On the one hand it is beautiful to be famous because you have much money and you can afford you everything. Secondly you're in the Center Point and everyone likes you except some. But on the other hand you don't have privacy, they know everything about you. You have to life in fear because there always people who are jealous on you. You don't can go out of the house and go somewhere without that someone recognize you. The magazines perhaps write something about you such as "Oh my good the plastic surgery went wrong" and you have to read it and can't say anything because they are allowed to write something like that. And finaly in most cases famous people access to drugs because they can't withstand the pressure anymore.


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Kann jemand freundlicherweise über meinen Englisch Aufsatz schauen?

Fair trade seeks to give workers in poorer countries a fair share of the profit from the goods that they produce. Is it important to buy fair trade products?

**Today, less and less companies produce in western countries. Instead, productions of material goods have been shifted from industrialized to so-called low-wage countries. This has concrete reasons: companies can be produced at lower costs and they can at the same time sell their products at a good price for consumers. That sounds good at first, but there is a catch. The consequences of cheap production are exploitation of people and workers and also of the environment and resources. People live in abject poverty. Often their children have to work because wages do not cover living expenses. Thereby these people have no access to basic health care and education. Not only does a broad crowd of the producer for our goods exposed cheap labor they are also in contact with a lot of toxic chemicals. That applies to the production of denim fabrics for example. To address this situation and to think of the interests of the developing nations, you can help with the purchase of Fair Trade products. Fair Trade offers a direct and easy way to improve the situation of producers. By buying fair trade products, consumers can contribute to socially, economically or environmentally sustainable production and at the same time also to take a stand against modern slavery. Sure, Fair Trade has disadvantages. The seal is also assigned if only a part complies with the production of the fair trade conditions. In addition there are reduced choice of products and fair trade is mostly more expensive as normal products. It is also important to noted that certification by seal is very expensive for companies. That means that products without Fair Trade seal could be fairly traded.

Nonetheless we are living in a world with a growing gap between rich and poor countries. The simple choice of what cocoa or coffee you buy can mean the difference between life and death for some of the world's poorest people. If people spend their money for Fair Trade products as for commercial companies that companies goes bankrupt and they are compelled to produce Fair Trade. Demand determines supply. As people who belong to the ‘’rich’’ of this world, it should be a concern for us to help the poor. To pay attention to our consumer behavior is a first and very helpful step towards justice. ** #### Headline ####

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